dr. love

Daddy brought home an old stethoscope and big brother to be spent equal amounts of time listening to my tummy and his! This picture makes my heart melt.
I often wonder how Mom's (and Dad's) have enough love for all their kids. Right now I spend each day etching in memories with #1 and wondering how we will all adjust to a new family member to love. How will I divide my time to make sure each child feels loved? It just happens I suppose, right? Good thing I have all these Dr's in the house to take care of me!


It is colder than a snowman's toe today!
Days like this call for Borscht!

I don't think anyone in my family makes borscht the same way but I need to get my secret recipe down on paper before I forget.

I bake my beets wrapped in tinfoil for about an hour, Martha says that this helps keep the colour and I love bright red yummy beets. Another plus is that the beet skin peels right off easy as pie. The picture above is of the beets cooked and cooled, I guess if there has to be a plus to -35 weather it is that it works good for cooling beets quickly.
(your freezer would work too)While my beets bake I boil 8 cups of water, 1/4 cup butter and 8 tsp of veggie stalk. I also add 1tsp salt just because I like it and 1 tsp of pepper.
Next I saute just until soft, a full head of chopped cabbage, bite size pieces, in 1/4 cup butter. I use 1/8 cup butter to saute the onions before I pulverize them into smithereens with my magic bullet. I am not an onion fan, in fact, if I eat onion rings I pick out the onion and just eat the batter. It is my strong Russian roots that won't let me make a borscht without them. As long as they are pulverized I'm OK with that.
I chop LOTS of dill, a cup of fresh is not too much but dried I'd use less (that's aunty Connie's tip....her fresh organic dill is THE BEST. If you are local I'll let you know how to stalk up next summer, HINT: Borden Farmer's Market!)
I also add 2 cups each of carrots, potatoes and celery. I use 5 beets and that usually works out to about 3 cups.

I let it boil and simmer all afternoon and by the time the cheese buns are ready the borscht is tasting greater than ever.

There are so many takes on a great borscht recipe, this is just one style. I'd love to figure out the vitamin content one day!

can't get enough

My favorite snack...

And my favorite dinner tossed with angel hair pasta, oregano and splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


birthday bowling

We tried something new this weekend!And it was GREAT! We had a super time bowling with buddies at a birthday party. It was a good lesson in waiting your turn and following the rules. (even thought I had to run down the lane twice to help a ball that was stopped! We'll work on those muscles!)I was so proud. From the first ball to the last bite of cake all the boys were on best behavior. The birthday boy himself even helped to outfit guests with his style of wearing a napkin.....so sweet! What a great party!

the 3 bowls

Simple supper bowls=simple smiling memories.

The bowls reminded me of the three bears. Soon enough we will be the four bears!


What more can I say. We love our ipad.
What are your favorite apps?

Toddler Skills

I am so lucky to be able to stay home part time I really want to make the most of each moment I have at home. Each day we spend time developing our language and fine motor skills through simple and inexpensive centres.

Another goal at our house is working on attention. Centres are perfect for working on that skill. It is important to remember that if a skill is interesting and at an age/developmentally appropriate level it will help engage the child.
dino matching

jelly bean count and sort

animal eraser pick and drop

stamping and snipping home made valentine cards

* we also have a fun beading idea beading, I'll try to post pics of those captivating centres in action!

What great kid safe activities are you busy doing?

PS... Thanks so much for your excitement over our big news! It warms my heart each time I read those sweet comments full of love!

Guess What?

We are so excited to share our happy news!
Here is a big hint! 6 months is a long time to wait but I think this big brother to be is going to be the best big brother ever!

(we are beside ourselves with joy! I feel great and go to bed each night dreaming of that new baby smell.....and little baby breaths that are like little puffs of heaven)