kids birthday cards

We have a sweet friends Birthday coming up this weekend. I wanted to make a special card and ended up with a few keepers.

COSTCO has a sale on 4x6's so these were a great price and super fun to make.  A home printer would work fine too.
I think it will be fun to let the boys choose which card they would like give, it will be neat to see which cards they think match their friends personality.

party planning

My to do list is not getting any shorter but it felt good to finally see these in print.  Now just to get them all handed out!
 I am combining parties, sort of. 
Big brother will have a boys party or Super Hero Training as he call it.  Then the guests (and the girls and siblings and families) will be invited over for snack and a swim and a few more "Super" fun events.
Little Brothers celebration will be mixed in there too.  He has a special singing guest coming to entertain him and his baby friends.....but I know the Super Hero's at the party will love her too!
Fun, Friends and Family. 
 I am really looking forward to celbrating all the years of happiness and health and fun with my boys. 
Off to start the pinyata!


Today you are four.
How did that happen?
Four years ago I held the sweetest little baby in my arms. You slept so well, ate like a champ and I instantly loved you more than I thought I could ever love anything in the whole world.
Now you are four and I am not sure how, but I love you even more.
You love to draw. You could draw all day. You love to draw super hero's but also draw your family and houses and buildings and under water scenes. I love how you draw me. I have the most beautiful long and flowing yellow hair and I always have huge pink smile. I hope that is how you see me.
You print your name with ease. You also print Pa, Nana Mom, Dad and half of your brothers name. You are starting to ask what words start with and are eager to print words to label your pictures.  You frequently call yourself and artist. Wow.
You play soccer.
You love to ride your bike.
You love to jump on the trampoline.
You would stay in the pool all day if could.
Good thing there are Spiderman cartoons on netflix to get you out of the pool and keep you dry for a while.
You wake at 6-6:30 am and are in bed by 7:30.  You take the odd bath but love to shower.  You have 3 stories before bed and always try for an extra.
You wear Spiderman pajamas every night.  You tolerate the new avenger PJ's but will only wear other PJ's backwards-I have not quite figured out the reason for this yet.
You have a peanut butter sandwich and fruit EVERY day for lunch.  You like your sandwich cut into 4 triangles.  At Easter I cut it into an egg shape and you didn't eat one bite.  It's OK. I like routine too. 
You have just about finished your first year of pre-school.
You have started piano lessons.
You are mostly kind to your brother.  You do like to sneak in the odd whack with a foam sword.  You are the first to offer to choose and episode of Wonder Pets for your little brother, you always know which ones he prefers.
You are healthy, happy and funny.
You kiss me everyday before you bound into your classroom.  Everyday I smile and think about that kiss the whole way to the jeep.
You ask me to marry you at least once a week.
You and your Dad are buddies.  You and Pa are best friends.
You are four.

clay fish

Pre-school art-creative like no others!
I was so lucky to get a chance to make a few clay projects with big brothers class. 
Kids are amazing natural artists, I could have spent all day there.  I do miss my own classroom filled with little amazing minds-my kitchen table is my new classroom and the two little minds I have there keep me very busy for now!

lite brite

 Love this!
 Thanks to Pa's auction!
The peg holders kinda freaked me out......
I reassigned the pegs to a new container.

gum paste flowers

 I had a glorious week off between teaching classes. I baked EVERY DAY!
A super awesome gal pal came over and taught me how to make gum paste and fondant flowers.
I am so hooked.
Off to practice making super hero guys out of fondant :)

getting big

Little Brother. You  are getting to be so big.
You hold your own cup like a champ and signed your first sign this week, eat. Your choice was not big surprise to any of us.
You stick out your tongue on command and love to play drumming.
You could eat blueberries all day.
You are sweet and fun and I love you so very much.

birthday count down

Today marked the first day I have ever heard someone ask me if it was his Birthday over 100 times :)
I loved it. 
He knows a special day is coming and I couldn't be happier.

To save my sanity and have a little fun I thought a Birthday count down would be fun.
I needed one container for each day until his birthday-I saved these tins from the recycle bin and used a large scrap of super hero fabric cut into 7 by 7 inch squares.  I popped a treat into each tin, good thing I stocked up on lego men when there was free shipping!  Spiderman socks, bubble gum and other treats like "lunch at Mc Donalds with Aiden",  "an hour of play time with Pa" and "going to see the dinosaur bones with Mommy" filled up 17 jars pretty quickly.  Lastly I secured on the fabric with a hair elastic and hot glued a number on each tin.
Birthday count complete!