love chain

The Sprout and I were accepted into a Valentine swap and here is what we worked on. He loved stamping just about as much as play doh but was mortified as I used the heart punch on his masterpiece. I felt horrible but dino made him feel better and helped to explain we were making these to share. It is a super simple project under 10 minutes and fun for everyone!

personal valentines

Ok, photoshop is way to distracting for me. But what do you think of this idea?
Maybe I could market it for next year (ha ha) its been done already- good job Wal-mart!
Oh well, if you want one for your kiddo let me know and we'll see what we can work out!
(hello, Des, Krista, Nic, Treena, Pam, Ali, Stacey, Lisa, Tammi, Michelle, Tammy, Erin, Louis, Holly, My Sister, Relatives and Buddies who know my life story-this means you.
You guys are always doing stuff for me so if you want one 1. email me a pic and 2. leave a comment so I watch for it, do it now!)



McDreamy travels a bit with work, sometimes The Sprout and I tag along but at the last minute we backed out of Vegas. The forecast was rain, the hotel pool was closed and I was/am up to my eyeballs in school work.
We miss McDreamy terribly when he goes away, The Spout waits by the door at 5:00 each day, make me tear up to see how much that little boy loves his Daddy. So we try to keep busy, this means bake, bake, bake, craft, bake, craft, bake and shop, shop, shop. Not that much different than our usual routine come to think of it....
anyway here is my favorite cut out cookie recipe. They always turn out and are sooooo yummy. A perfect tea cookie to nibble on while sipping tea and blogging. The icing is simple- 1 cup plus 1 table spoon of icing sugar and one large egg white, easy is great.
Cookies make me happy. It's no secret that cook-cook (cookie) was one of my Little Sprout's 1st words!

valentine contest

I saw a contest for designing Valentine's for kids on ETSY.
I don't draw but I thought as the Sprout gets older it would be nice to encourage him to make his Valentine cards rather than just buying them.
I printed out the top one at Wal-mart to make sure the fold is correct and it's super cute.
If anyone wants the files leave an email in the comments and I'll send it on over!

one of those days

tell me you didn't see this last week!

Yes, that is a bright yellow balloon caught hanging out of the door of my jeep.
Yup-all the way across town too.
I drove right into a Wal-mart packed parking lot looking great.
The balloon was a freebie given to us at one mall. I tied it to a dino's neck so The Sprout wouldn't lose it..........He tried and tried to tell me something was a-muck but being the diligent 10 and 2 driver I am, I did not look back to see him pointing dramatically to out the window.
He hung onto that string for dear life and called "Mum MUM MUUUM!" I thought he was playing and called back "Dad DAD DAAAD!"
And this is the face I saw when I opened the door-Sorry about that honey. It WON"T happen again!
xox Mommy

19 month olds do not know how to make muffins

I'm not quite sure how this got started but I had a helper in the kitchen today.
He stirred and stirred and stirred and .........stirred.

My little helper would not. stop. stirring.

Do you know what happen to muffins that are stirred for 15 minutes? I now call this recipe wallpaper paste muffins a la Sprout.

My helper has a new job now which he takes VERY seriously.
He is now my official muffin wrapper man.
This, he does very well....

...even though sometimes he forgets and puts all 12 wrapper in 3 holes.....

Thank goodness I have him for the next 17 years to prepare him for the the real world! I think we have a lot of work to do!

1st skate

I think this photo speaks volumes about The Sprout's 1st skating experience.
I love the sign over his shoulder it says...voted Canada's #1 outdoor skating spot (readers digest 2009)
I don't think my little Sprout would agree with the vote on this day.

The good news is we went for the 2nd time today and it was a much bigger success. He loved skating and did fantastic on his little bob-skates.
1. Some good skating advice from my very wise gal pals/expert Moms Des and Krista. (the chair rides and skating with Daddy holding him, thanks guys!)
2. Mommy wore her skates and left her camera at home. This was very hard to do but we had a great time even though I have the memories in my brain instead of my memory card.
I revisited a lesson I remember one of the nurses telling us right after we had The Sprout, we were worried because he came home from the hospital sleeping thought he night (9pm-6am, foolish me, I actually remember trying to stay awake in case he woke up). It was simple.....
Happy/Relaxed Mommy & Daddy='s Happy Baby

blooming artist at work

19 months old!
I love how you love to draw...just like your Daddy.......just like your Pa. You kissed Pa's stick drawing of himself so many times we had to redraw it....3 times in one afternoon.
These are the days I don't know what I was, or who I was, or what I ever did without you.

dino party

These Darling Dino's were whooping it up with one big yummy cupcake the other day. I had to stop and listen for a minute from around the corner (before I ran to get my camera!) while Daddy named each of the dino's for The Sprout......

Very cute McDreamy.

PS: sadly, we lost Des today, maybe at the bank, or the parking lot of booster juice, we are not quite sure when she wandered off. Keep your eyes peeled for a tall slim yellow dino with a slightly chewed left back foot that answers to the name "Des".

big shoes to fill

...The Sprout loves shoes, especially his Daddy's. The Sprout's choice in shoes this day made me laugh. There is cute story that will always make me smile when I see white men's shoes. It goes like this...
Once upon a time....many years ago.....
Stacey- " you went out last night, meet anyone?"
Sassy- "ummm, not really. I gave some guy my number, but I'm not really going to go out with him."
Stacey - "What?! Why not?"
Sassy - "I'm busy with report cards, I have laundry, I ummm.........well......I think he was wearing white shoes."
Stacey- "You are going out with him."
...and they lived happily ever after!
(This is a true story. McDreamy WAS wearing white shoes AND a skintight diesel T-shirt. I learned to like white shoes on guys and he has since recycled the diesel t-shirt. Each year on our anniversary we consider and then giggle hysterically about donning out "first encounter" apparel, mine being a black tube top and mini-jean skirt. The picture of us talking that one fateful night is like a photograph that sits on my shelf it is so clear in my mind.....I love you more each day McDreamy!) Ps- thanks again Stacey!

fresh from studio 13

I have been quite productive over the holiday season getting some new pieces ready to drop off at Pacific Gallery, the cutest little coffee shop/art gallery in town.
I've been inspired to work with clay a little more than glass lately and had lots of fun creating using different layers and colours of clay.
Now I have come up with few card designs to accompany the pendants - I've been having fun with photo shop too! I have never sold clay pendants (only glass) so I'm also open to suggestions for names.
Which one grabs your attention as artsy but yet professional too?

Be Greener in 2010

I would love to use these as favors for a berry theme party but berries are a little girly for the Sprout.
I joke with McDreamy about wanting to have another wedding, wouldn't they be perfect!
A Berry Sweet Couple...... berry desserts like blushing blue-berry bride cupcakes and gooseberry groom tarts or honey berry honeymoon ice cream, saskatoon berry bush centre pieces, berries embroidered on napkins, berry themed beverages! I can see it now!
Seriously though, this is the perfect purse bag. Even I can stuff it back into it's little pouch and I am spatially challenged even on a good day!
New Year Resolution- be greener!
I even used a few of these as gifts this past Christmas, who couldn't use a sweet little purse bag that actually folds up into a tiny cute little berry pouch! Note the pairing of the pouch with the retro pic a pop look a like drink-pic-a-pop, now they were ahead of their time with recycling, pic-a-pop you get a gold star from me!