Life has many lessons.

Today we shared the lesson of not chasing or running, not packing up to go anywhere or buy anything.

Today we just sat and shelled peanuts.

Simple, easy and yummy fun.


Legomen are slow invading my house!

There is even a look a like "Mommy" Lego-WOMAN! (the brown hairded mis matched overall wearing holding a cup of tea legoman)

(great for fine motor-and I am having a ton of fun ordering new Lego pieces!)

family talent night 2011

The talent was amazing.

Can't wait for next year!

beaver creek

We spent a nice family day hiking.

This big brother has a smile that melts my heart.

I've been taking an online photography class from a fellow blogger I just love. The $ from her class is going to help with an adoption. Love that.

It was good. Now, I need to practice...... LOTS!

who is the cute baby?

Cute? Who Me? Oh I am cute.....

Who could resist this look......

Sweet baby is now 2 months old.

All these smiles were for Mommy and Mommy only. Daddy was in Vegas. Big Brother was playing Lego men with Pa.

Lego men.....are they secretly invading your house?

4 friends

Once upon a time there were 4 friends.

Some friends were big and some were small.
They all loved to play.

They loved to chat about nothing and just enjoy the quiet sounds of summer.

(the shaggy hair friend removed his shirt when he saw his
older friend remove his-he wants to be big just like his older friend :)

The older friends were always very very kind to all the younger friends.

This made the Mommies very happy and proud.

What lucky friends.

talent night

Hi Local Pals!

OOo! I can't wait for this years show!

Don't forget to sign up for the potluck in the comments!

give away QR STAMP!

I just have let you know about this super cool give away!

for a QR stamp of your very own!

This 2 dimensional code is readable by smart phones! You can link it to your email or website or your blog! (I would totally link one to my blog!)

It all started when I just had to order one of these! I can't wait to get ours in the mail. A thank you note from a loving (and oh so so classy Aunty) made me realize I need one.

(don't forget to check out the other old school address stamps!)


Did I ever tell you about my ducks?

Well, this was the old backyard.......yes, it does look quite different now. The water is clearer and well, we have no more ducklings. The story is long, the quick version is that sadly, a Mama duck laid her eggs and before we knew it we had a problem. 7 problems to be exact. Not shown is the ramp my Dad built so the babies could get in and out of the pond, oops I mean pool. Also not shown is the organic grain from Uncle Derele's farm. Also not shown is me running outside at 4 am because we heard alarming quacking that was really just a late night duck party. Eventually we had to relocate the family to a nearby pond. I tried every organization related to animals and birds and wildlife of any kind.

I knew I would marry this man when......

...he saved our ducks. He loved those quacking little fluffy bug eating babies as much as I did. He carefully caught them and I popped the bins into my jeep and sped off to set them free. I cried, he sighed.

The End

beachy cool free towel!

Go HERE for more information! Picked up a box of my favorite multi-grain cereal today just so I could order my FREE towel!
Check your box and if you have enough super cute towels you can always donate one!
(shipping is free too!)

sweet surprise

In the beginning...
We started our lives together...

NOW we CELEBRATE...3 years of joy!

Ahh a night out! A local restaurant patio-our usual date night spot. started to fuss just as we finished dinner..surprise! I wondered why my sweet husband had picked up my camera-he never touches it without permission!

This is real time surprise!
..and another sweet charm full of "love" for my collection!

(the box had been there all night-my sweet husband had thoughtfully got baby into his car seat as I finished getting ready! Nicely planned! Oh an dyes, baby is that well behaved most days!)


Oh, we had fun!A cousin-ish photo shoot!

Had to sneak the newest cousin in too!

family bbq and fun photo props

We have been loving spending lots of time with family lately! Ice Cream Bars...MMmmmmmmm!

Not a spare second to blog with photo props like these around.

We are not wasting a second inside when the summer weather is so wonderful.

We played with a "cousins" photo shoot.....

it was so fun!

Pictures of that to follow!