Wedded Bliss!

To celebrate our one month anniversary Mc Dreamy and I went out for a nice dinner tonight. Yoda and The Frenemie were called into action to watch The Sprout. Mc Dreamy and I spent the first 20 minutes of our 2 hour date watching video clips of The Sprout on his phone and the last hour and a half laughing about how the mouse was probably making himself a new hole in our home! It was a great treat to eat a hot meal and we really did enjoy ourselves knowing The Sprout was in such good hands!

Caught in Action!

Mc Dreamy caught us a pet today! Well.....our new pet kind of caught himself! Mc Dreamy was doing his daily duty of garbage when he realized he had a helper! He was quick (but not too quick.......ahem) to call me so I too could be in on the action. Mr. Mousey had a quick photo shoot in the front driveway before he hopped away to freedom. Little did Mr. Mousey know he would be the hot topic of discusson for the rest of the night! The Sprout wore his Mickey Mouse PJ's to bed tonight help celebrate the occasion. I personally think it is a sign of all the fun we will have when Mc Dreamy takes us to Disney World in September!

Baking up a Storm on a Stormy Day

Whip It - my new secret weapon!

The Sprout and I did a few errands this morning and when the rain began we headed home...hmm stormy outside....let's bake bake up a storm of our own! We started with 3 dozen fresh blueberry muffins, made a fool proof but delicious blueberry crisp for Daddy and then the real fun began...cupcake time! The cupcakes were The Sprouts idea, he thought Hanzel and Gretel would love them as a special treat. I am very proud that I found a trick to help my icing keeps its fluff, it is called Whip It and it really whipped my cupcakes into flavourville AND cuteville!

Here is The Sprout helping me out in the kitchen...

Blueberry Muffins - perfect for back to school lunches.

My cutie cupcakes...

Gretel's review - the face says it all! You might notice that I skipped the raspberry on Gretel's cupcake and used sprinkles instead....I was thinking of my dear cousin Saucy would NEVER ruin a sweet child's cupcake with something healthy!

Mc Dreamy sharing his cupcake with The Sprout.

Chewy Oatmeal Cherry Chocolate Chip

Had a few friends over last night for a swim and fire....the cookies went over quite well for dessert. Oatmeal for our hearts, cherries for youthful skin and the chocolate chips to sweeten us up! I also sent a few home with guests...a new presentation trick I thought I'd try. I attached a self made blog card for a quick way to look up the recipe (and to check out my new blog!)

Sweet Baby and Sweet Treats

I just finished a special treat for my good friend and colleague who just had her first baby, a boy! A friend for The Sprout! Sweet treats for the sweet baby! I love rigging up these tiny Swiss chocolates with personal pictures and or dates and names, I think it makes them taste even better! It seems like just yesterday my friend and I were encouraging each other through pregnant workouts at the field house, prenatal yoga and doula visits and now.....we are Moms! Congratulations again happy family!

Lucky Little Loopy!

A little luck but lots of beauty has landed my very own sweet relative an add campaign for PURE cosmetics with London Drugs! Her big shoot is coming up and I can't wait to hear the details about the shoot and am already antsy to see the pictures! Great job Loopy-your beauty is inside and out! I hope you like the sweet treat I dropped off-just wanted to let you know how excited and proud I am for you!


Today was a perfect day. The Sprout slept from 8:30pm until 7:30 am so I woke up well rested and ready for a combination Wal-mart/Winners trip today. After picking up a few much needed items I treated myself to a take out lunch and made it home just in time to meet the gals and their kidlets for an afternoon swimmy. My good buddy from out of town joined in the fun with her two beautiful girls who were on their best behaviour........great role models for The Sprout! It was a great afternoon and I hope we can all get together and do it again soon!

In The Army Now!

Today was a big day for my cousin who joined the Army! The Sprout, Yoda and I were very pleased to be invited to the swearing in ceremony.

After the ceremony there was a family Bar-B-Que. With no more wedding to plan I have so much time on my hands I had a great time whipping up a few Camouflage Cupcakes with army men on top, Dog Tag name tags and Ration treat bags for this special event! I feel lucky to have been part of this special day for my very special cousin.

The Rations bags included: A Tootsie Roll to remind you to roll through the tough times, Gumballs to remind you to stick to it when times get tough and a Heart Sucker to remind you of all the family and friends you have that love and support you each step of your journey.

Here are a few nice pics for the memory books...

Introducing...The Sweetarts!

Sweetarts socks perfect in pink,

Sweetart drinks we like to drink,

We are sassy we are smart,

We are friends from the heart!

The first official meeting of the Sweetarts was just the other day. It was great to just sit around and chat....nothing beats girl time! McDreamy put The Sprout to bed(1st time ever!) while the gals and I relaxed in the hot tub-what a treat!

Hotdog Roast!

My truly good friends and family already know this about me...I LOVE fire Roasted HOTDOGS! Maybe it was those 5 summers I spent as a summer camp counsellor deep in the woods at Wakaw and Blackstrap or maybe it is the summers spent fighting off the bears for our meals at the family cabin at Anglin lake but anyway tonight was a big treat for us all! After a full day of swimming and sipping sweetart drinks nothing hit the spot like a family hotdog roast!
The sprout was so exhausted from all the excitement I had to eat his smore for him! MMM!

New Life New Blog

For my first blog I think I'll let the picture do the talking......a photo of me and my 2 loves.