Halloween 2010

The week leading up to Halloween was a busy one.
Really busy.
We tried a new activity each day.
The best part was the great Mommy feeling about spending quality time with little guy. The activities were pretty short, some only a few minutes long but the smiles and giggles that filled my heart will last much longer. It is not easy working, going to school and being a Mom, I feel I can’t give anything my 100% attention sometimes. This last week has really taught me that my number one job is my family and family always deserves 100%!
Now I need ideas for November....
Saturday night- We loved carving pumpkins and baking the seeds!

Friday - The Pumpkin Maze was a-maze-ing!

Thursday - Reading Halloween stories, gotta love book order!

Wednesday - Halloween stamps- we made cards for family and friends!

Tuesday - Pumpkin cookies-promptly baked and eaten!

M0nday - Counting spiders and singing Itsy Bitsy..EEK!

Sunday - Funny sticker faces made us laugh!

Happy Halloween Week!

Oh did we have fun at the sculpture park in early October when the weather was so warm!
I grabbed my camera to catch photos but some one was a little spooked by the big hand....
turns out, our family field trip made for great Halloween pictures!
We have a little party to attend instead of trick or treating this year. (yes, I am trying to put it off for as long as I can...but that is just me.)
What ghoulish ideas are you brewing up?

One Good Shot

I love how relaxed my little farmer is in the first picture. I'm not exactly sure how I caught this on camera. He is so animated ...and verbal.....
...and strong trying to move that big wheel that hasn't moved an inch in probably 100 years!

in a jam

One of my best memories of 2010 will be of picking strawberries with my family and making fresh jam.

...and making more jam, and more jam.....

I have sooo much jam! I find making jam like therapy. Very relaxing.


I snapped this at our local zoo. For some odd reason there is a tunnel. We make a lot of car tunnels around here for cars trucks so this life size tunnel was quite a treat. I love silhouettes of people I know. I think back to the ultra sound pics that I treasure-they too are like silhouettes.


Decor that is natural. Good for the environment.
I have started to save egg shells. I have to work up to composting-we have a wasp problem in the warm months and I really don't want to make the wasps feel evenmore welcome when we have guests. Yes I have a waspinater-I think it does work. Yes I have also had an exterminator visit-he couldn't find the nest on our property. So for now, low key composting in my kitchen.
Anyway, these are the pumpkins we grew ourselves. I smile very time I see them. It is so fun watching them turn more orange everyday. If The Sprout was a little older I'd have him journal about the pumpkins using pictures.

My Favorite New Recipe

You must try these!
Super easy.
My whole family is addicted.
The made great favors in clear bags tied with twine for Thanksgiving guests.
You can feel the love and warmth when you both bake and eat these. One of those recipe that you know has been around for a very very long time.
Thanks Val!

thankful for fresh ideas

Homemade jam made for great parting favors. I picked up this chalkboard for a future family photo shoot -I'm sure you'll see it again! For now I love it to write little messages for guests and friends.The jam worked well, especially when paired with fresh gingersnap cookies tied with twine. I just love twine. Simple.
Roasted squash soup in demi-tasse tea cups. I loved these cups on first sight and waited and waited for a sale-6 for 4 bucks was what I finally caved in at. I managed to get about 20 sets. The little tasting of soup was perfect and the parsley straight from the garden. I have more ideas for them-think dessert. Sweet, but not today.

I pulled a few letter blocks from my collection-I love letter blocks, the more worn,faded and older the better. They really worked well for name place cards and it was fun to watched the older kids spell words with them later. Ahhh, dessert. I used my growing collection of thrift store dessert plates. I have been picking up one or two here and there. I am picky, no chips, cracks or metal paint and pretty edges are a must.
I dream of using these for a pretty dessert party someday.
The pumpkin spice lattes I made in advance this year. I just winged it with my own recipe of 3/4 coffee, 1/4 milk, cinnamon and pumpkin spice topped with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of brown sugar and pumpkin spice and they were delicious!


In between working 2 assignments, a social skills unit for grade one, 2 phonetic units for grade 2, personal program plans and setting up my own academic goals for review I managed to have supper for my family. I tried a few new cool ideas that have been floating around in my brain that were do- agains!
Oh yeah, and I also have a toddler Halloween party in the works.
Oh yeah AGAIN, I did most of it solo as my loving husband spent a busy weekend on call.
Wheph. Thank-goodness for vacations! (Oh yeah, that was one!) I'm glad I have a break before Christmas!
What did you do?

great outdoor adventure

We were a family that was one with nature the first weekend in October.

The hike was a quick 1km with a beautiful little creek trickling by.

It was super great to share some seeds with the friendly little chickadees. I'm not sure who liked the seeds more-the little birds to the little boy....

Just like our day the little birds were quick and sweet.

Beaver Creek is a great place for families, nature and exercise. I can't wait for our next trip!
The interpretive centre is outstanding. I am still marvelling at the bird matching activity-great for all ages, you've got to try it!

boys and bikes

Remember this guy from talent night?
Somebody else remembers him and his crazy tricks too.

I guess it balances out all the baking we've been doing lately.

candy sticks

These were so fun for a football party!

50 adults and not a drop of candy left at the end of the game!

How to?

Collect candy.



Add tag

So easy and fun.
Here is the tag up close.