Dad Dad

This is the look you give me when your Dad-dad leaves for work.  He disappears behind that door and I can hear your heart break. I think you think he is right behind that door all day long-just waiting to play with you again.
You and your Daddy are very close.  So far you are the only family member who can match Daddy bite for bite when eating ice cream!

little house and big clock

 I love a good deal.
Today was a good deal day, I had two great deals!
The house had been loved by a little one with a pen.  I unloved the pen with a little sand paper.  A fresh new wood smell for this sweet little house I found for $3.99! The boys are not loving the house so it may find a new home in my girlfriends pre-K classroom sooner rather than later.  Share the love!
The clock was a little more but well worth it, it was a steal at $7.99. The numbers spin to show numeral, dots, and number word.  perfect for us right now. Today we talked about the O'clocks-tomorrow will call for a game of what time is it Mr. Wolf. Yeah!

a piano, a sword and a crown

 An odd combination you say? Not around here!
To keep things interesting we often use our creativity.
Do you know a four year old who would turn down an opportunity to practice piano dressed as a knight? 
 This knight runs to get his sword and a crown for the princess (that's me!)
He knows just how to melt my heart! (when it is hurting the most...)
 And so we bow to begin.
We stare at a dragon for concentration.
We sing:
I am Brave Knight (Last Name)
 I Slay You (I Love You) (keep sword handy to slay the dragon at the end, that is what the knight thinks the little shelf is for of course, a sword shelf.)
Run Dragon Run Dragon
And then he sings and plays Twinkle Twinkle for the princess for a kiss on the cheek.
From the look on his face above I know we will do this again and again.
He is so fun.
This week has been tough.  Two weeks since Mom passed.  I am so lucky to have my sweet boys to help me through.  I know she is still here, close, I can feel her sometimes but that is a story for another day.

My Mom

I said goodbye to my Mom today.
It was really hard.
My Mom was an amazing Mom.  She could do absolutely anything.  She cooked amazing family meals and made it look easy.  She could knit and crochet. She loved to bake and had so many special recipes. She was forgiving and kind, loving and tough.  She knew what to say and when but she also knew when to say nothing at all.  She raised her kids to be loving and kind, respectful and self confident. 
There was nothing my Mom couldn't do.
I can only hope I can live my life so my son's one day will love me as much as I love and respect my Mom. 
I will try to make her proud everyday by being a good Mom, Wife, Daughter and Sister and Friend.
Bye Mom, Love you.

chalkboard table

 I saw this idea in a magazine. Loved it. The whole project cost less than $15 but could have beenless if I could have found a table for free.
So find a table and a plastic bin. Trace the bin.  Trace about 1 inch inside the line of the bin. 

Check bin. Notch if nessesary. 
 Paint more.
 Bring inside.
Ignore husbands remarks reagrding your style. 
 Get your chalk ready!
 Draw your favorite places to visit!

And then let the kids play!

the hand

 Little brother you are so funny.
You are so sweet.
You also do not like to wait.
Your Big Brother NEVER ate in the car.
You, demand food. All. The. Time.
Buuuuuuut, you do it so well, so clearly I can't help but smile. (and comply!)
We hear a grunt and the hand goes up. You leave it up until someone puts food into it.
You eat and repeat.


 Opening up your back pack is like a present everyday for me.
 I love to see the work you do.
I love to see the word MOM.
I love being your Mom.
(thsoe are not my horrific cuticles, I must get my poor husband some hand lotion... STAT!)