got it!

Finally managed to get a picture of those two little teeth.

Luv Ya Little Blue eyes!


Oh you two.



Heart. One so curious and young.

One so wise and knowing.

Big Brother you seem so big and strong.
Baby Brother you are so sweet and so small.

I wonder how you two will grow.

I wonder what a brothers bond will be like.

Will you be close?

Will you play or argue?

Will you stand up for each other?

Will you be competitive?

Will you be friends?

Will you travel Europe together?

Little Brother, will you always be little?

Big Brother, will you always be so gentle and kind, supportive and proud....

...last question answered.

Oh you two.

The fun has begun!

letter to Santa

We wrote.
We stamped.

We found a mailbox.

We were ready.

1st letter to Santa.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

OK, we did.....

Do you know that yellow glove?

Oh yes it is.....

I can't wait to pull these pictures out someday when our boys are grown.

Wholesome (frivolous and unhealthy) family fun back in the 2011's.

Crazy parents-what were they thinking?

random craziness

Pa is a storm trooper-Big Brother made him put "Mankie" on his head to play the role.

Note: candy cane weapon and Jedi in training
Winter Wonderland visit.
Not crazy at all.

Hmm-where is Big Brother?

(look in the laundry) Here he is!

Ah, tradition. My kind of crazy fun.

chalk board bubbles

We are having fun getting ready to visit with family and friends!
Play dates and cousins are filling up our days!

And this big brother is being very...

6 months!

Bright eyes.....
Big personality....

Huge appetite!

You are 6 Months Old Today!

You love to eat.

Spaghetti squash from Aunty Connies garden is you favorite.

You also love sweet potatoes, pears, apples and blueberries.

Bananas are OK, peas and beans are a no go. (but Mommy will sneak them into other things!)

You have 2 teeth and they are SHARP!

You are getting up in the night when your feet get stuck in the bars of your crib. Oh how I long for bumpers......

You love bath time.

You laugh out loud at your brother, even when he pretends to attack you with Spiderman and/or Iron man and or swords.

You stare at your big brother and love to pull his hair, nose or anything else on him you can touch. (he loves it too!)

You smile and wiggle when your Daddy comes home from work. You seem to be in a good mood when ever Daddy is near.

You tolerate your car seat but rather be at home on your play mat in front of the fire or looking out the window being held by Pa.

You watch things/people very intently.

Everyone still comments on your big blue eyes.

Your laugh melts my heart.

I cherish each day and moment we have because I know someday not so far away you will be able to wriggle out of my cuddles and not want me to carry you everywhere I go.

Secretly, I don't mind when you get up in the night all that much. I know it will end someday. Right now, it is our time. I can snuggle my face close to yours and feel your warm breath on my cheek and hear each of your sweet little breaths. I watch you in my arms and wonder what your first word will be, whether you will like Spiderman or Iron more and what your wife will look like.

Thank you for a wonderful 6 months.

I am so lucky to be your Mom.

fleur de sel caramels

That delicious book has drawn me in again......

...and my helper likes it too.

He was the cutter, I wrapped.

We both ate, and ate......

Quite possibly my new favorite sweet to make.


This was a little gift that I gave myself early.

Have you heard about it?

The recipes are intense.

I have baked each day since I brought that book entered my kitchen.

Monday-carrot cake

Tuesday-chocolate muffins

Wednesday-yellow cake

Thursday- chocolate wafers

Friday- fleur de sel caramels

Saturday-fleur de sel caramels try.......chocolate fleur de sel caramels.

The recipes are not from home ec class (sorry Noreen!)

but will knock the socks off a beginner baker like myself. Great directions with find-able ingredients.

I will share my fleur de sel caramels adventure on Friday!

studio time

This was a quick and fun
activity we tried this week.
I saw this idea a while ago and colours just happen to be the theme at school right now.

Ready.. aim.....ART!

It was messier than I had expected.

Have many garbage bags spread out if you try this. We did it in the studio, concrete floor are forgiving.

Poor yellow ninja had to have a bath after this project-he was watching quietly from under the easel.
I think I'd try it again, but outside. And I do a series of 3 or 4 canvases.

I wonder what the sun would do to the crayons on a hot day.....

orange day

It was colour week at school. I picked up big brother for lunch. We were out of bread. We went to pick up a few groceries. He saw the oranges, "It is orange day tomorrow!"

That's all it took. (I love excitement over healthy food)

We got 2 of each kind we saw. He filled up his own cart. I unpacked groceries. Big brother unpacked groceries.
Smallest to biggest.
Counting by 1's and 2's.
Which ones roll well, which ones don't......

and the taste test.

Some had seeds.

Some were very juicy.

Some were very sour (kumquats)

And some were just right.

Next is yellow day....better stock up on bananas!

we sang

I think some people donated so we would stop singing (heh, heh)Our biggest fan came out to donate.

...and my heart feels good.

We sang this little present right to sleep.

practice makes.....



We have been practicing our 5 favorite songs.

Must Be Santa

Jingle Bell Rock


Up on the Roof Top (not my choice)


Jingle Bells

For a good reason. (other than it is totally fun even though my husband mocks my great voice-he calls me "enthusiastic" Hey, I think that is the same work my kindergarten music teacher used......!)

Our family is spending some time thinking of others this season.

I know my boys are young but I want them to know the importance of giving time for others.

And I want them to eventually know what the season is really about.

This Saturday we will not hit the malls or make lists of wants.

We will spend our morning ringing bells for the Salvation Army.

Each night for the last few weeks we have been practicing our songs and discussing with our 3 year old what we will be doing.

This is our choice and I hope to make it a tradition.

So if you are local, bring your spare change and ear plugs to the 8th Street Superstore from 10:30-11:30 am on Saturday December 10th-we'll be there!