I Love Snowmen

We have been singing songs about snowmen.

We have been reading books about snowmen.

You have been waiting so patiently to make one of your own.

We laughed and played.

We rolled and rolled.

We laughed and played some more.
We made a new friend on our lawn.

At supper you said it was your favorite part of your day.

I love snowmen.

baby baby

What can I say....you love to eat!

This is a super spoon, you can play and play because you can't choke yourself and it is super soft. Good for those gums and TWO teeth!

November 2011-Two teeth at 5months!

Good job baby brother!

tipi trouble

I think I went up a tiny notch on the cool factor today.

I didn't have the heart to tell him his Grandpa did the hard part I was just the brains and sew-er of the operation.

It is a great design. Simple.

My sewing job...not so great.

The tipi has a bustle in the back where I tried to layer the fabric.

Spiderman didn't notice and I am sure the pre-K's will not either.

I would love to build one for the summer outside. It would be a great towel drying rack by the pool or lake.

Christmas Planners

Looking for a way to get and stay organized this Christmas?

Then you must create yourself a Christmas Planner!

The girls came over the other night armed with great appetizers and their creativeness.

We got to work to help organize ourselves this Christmas.

Our motto be prepared and make lists! lists! lists!Composition notebooks were $1.
Ribbons scraps $0
Christmas scrapbook paper $10
Jewels and stickers and tags $3
For roughly $20 we worked liked bees and made 12 Christmas planners for friends and family....and ourselves of course!

They were super easy. Here is what we did.
Glue on ribbon, make sure you leave enough to tie-roughly 75cm.
Trace your front book cover onto your choice of paper. We found the book sizes to vary quite a bit so we did this individually for both front and back covers.
Add page separators. We labels ours to do, menu, gifts. Glue an envelope in the back for receipts. We also glues in November and December Calendar in the front for quick reference. There really is no wrong way to create and organization tool now is there!

dr seuss baby shower

Welcome new baby!

The party was great. The girls did a great job of set up-my smartest girlfriend ever co-hosted with her Mom in law who is super great too. SGE (smartest girlfriend ever) remembered all the details-like the books. They looked awesome and filled out the spots on the table perfectly. The GREEN eggs (devilled eggs) were brilliant and a touch that everybody noticed. (Thumbs up to Grandma Donna for whipping those up and to holding my baby while I ran around taking pictures and eating her green eggs!)

Mmm, gummy fish.

These are regular bulk barn gumballs. I bought a big bag and sorted colours. It made for a really customised look and I know I'll use the other colours later.

These were a favorite to make.

I filled 1x8 bags with tiny fishy candies that went with the whole one fish, two fish, red fish, new fish theme just perfectly.

I had so much fun chatting with all the girls and can't wait until that new baby comes over for a play-date!

5 months

Surprise! My sweet little boy you are 5months old already.

You have TWO TEETH!

Yup, early bird you are!

Your teeth have been bugging you at night and therefore we all hear about it. Many times. This past week we thought you were hungry so bought rice and oatmeal cereal for you. You still woke up every few hours. Hmmm. You were happy during the day just waking up 3-4 times a night. Hmmmm. Then POP! Two teeth.

You had 2 immunizations this month and gave Dr F a very dirty look when she was done. Other than that and a few tears you seem fine and handled it like a champ.

You smile at Pa the minute he walks in the house.

Your Dad scared the daylights out of you after coming home from work late and surprising you. You were all relaxed in your bathtub and chilling out when Daddy came in. You wouldn't even let him put your PJ's on you. (Ha ha-Mommy is your favorite!)

You gobble up your baby cereal at supper time.

You watch what people eat and drink like you are starving.

You reach for toys.

You like your rings best.

You can make 2 bugs pop out on your little bug poppy toy.

You say AAAaaa with a beautiful singing voice.

You sucked on your big brothers nose.

You tolerate a little shopping but HATE Fabricland. Must be the lights......

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes.

You are wearing all of your big brothers clothes-it is so sweet I just love seeing you grow into them.

You wake up at night because of your sore teeth/gums but you nurse and go right back to sleep.

You and your Dad usually play together for 1/2-1hour in the mornings so Mommy can sleep.
This usually involves you and Daddy being chased in circles downstairs by a crazed ninja or a brave knight wearing Spiderman Pj's and swinging one or several foam swords. Mommy knows this because she listens to every scream and footstep instead of sleeping.

You smile when someone smiles at you.

You are my sunshine.

You are 5 months old.

sticky hand

What can I say?

You love your sticky hand.

I laughed so hard watching you play and play and play.

share day

Share day is very important.

You love to shine.

You always shine in my eyes.

You took so much pride in carrying in your ocean my heart almost burst.

You had kids stop and ask what you were carrying you so many times it took us 15 minutes to make it to your locker.

I wish I could have heard you share but I am glad you have your own voice and are able to be independent enough to attend school on your own.

I am so proud of you.

You will always shine in my eyes.

If you show a boy how to make a sea urchin...

If you show a boy how to make a sea urchin.......he will need to build an entire ocean.

In that ocean you will need a diver, seaweed, sea turtles, a mermaid, octopus, crab, lobsters, snails, sea horses, sea snakes, sea stars, a hammer head shark and a sting ray from the hair dressers. If you show a boy how to make a sea urchin he will need to make an ocean.
And here we are making a leather back sea turtle.
Plasticine was $1.

The fun we had was priceless.

Hours of fun. (in 3-6 minute increments!)

Lots of learning too.

Our ocean made for great share-day project.
We really love what the Montessori program is teaching. Even with a Masters degree and 15 years teaching experience I find I am learning more and more about early childhood education.

Learning truly never ends....like our growing ocean!

getting big

Gee, we sure have been been busy lately!

Always Go! Go! Go!

We've had parties, play dates, pirate parties, baby showers and tons of crafting going on.

Check back for all our adventures and some super cool party ideas!

Gotta run!

little bear

We had a great weekend hiking in mid October.

OK, 1km loop isn't usually a hike but it seems like a perfect distance with this little bear!


We love to read around here. Yes we are a family of bookworms! Big Brother is picking up all sorts of new sounds at school and can recognize his own name in print. Amazing.

Someday he will be reading to me.......

new shelves

I'd love to do some updating in my kitchen.

Here is a simple update.

If I had my way I'd have plate rails so I could post 100 pictures around the house.

On the hunt for more creative ways to display my photos......