What do 3 brain surgeons, a bus driver, a west jet flight attendant, a vet, a poet and a blogging grad student who should be working on her literature review have in common?

After an afternoon spent with charming ladies I rushed home at 4pm to feed an 18 month old who didn't nap all day, make 2 batches of nachos, bath a baby, make several pizzas, rescue husband who tried to cook pizzas, read stories to now very cranky and tired baby, act charming, load the dish washer, put really cranky and over tired baby to bed, glue bails onto 2 dozen necklaces for Christmas, load the kiln, fire the kiln, put in 1 load of laundry so I have clothes to wear tomorrow and now to drink a coke (or 5) and work on literature review. Please don't remind me Christmas is LESS than a month away. I think there should a be a law forbidding literature reviews due within 2 months of Christmas. I could be happily shopping online tonight but will be doing homework instead.......

giving, real giving

How do you teach the love of giving? Isn't it one of those things that you just know how to do or don't? I have no idea but I do know I want my son to know the importance of giving. Not just the go out to $ rama and buy a mug that Grandpa or an uncle would pretend to love-the kind of giving that shows you took time and thought and maybe even shared a little creativity or special talent only you have. The kind of giving where a drawing or poem on a scrap piece of paper brings tears to your eyes and you keep it tucked into the bottom of a drawer for years...maybe forever. If I could sing I would sing a song for Christmas gifts this year, each person's eyes would well up at the words and bird like melody of my voice.......what is the best gift you have ever received?

that McDreamy......

What is that nestled all snug in a blue box amongst the supper dishes.....
It isn't my birthday......

It is not Christmas......

Not our anniversary either.......

It is just that husband of mine treating me for no reason at all! (he says it's because I am such a good wife, I say good thing he likes crunchy rice, cold asparagus and warmed up BBQ ribs!)

So with rice stuck to my socks, strawberry smeared on my arm and grass stains on my knees from playing outside all afternoon, I feel like a true princess loading the dishwasher tonight!

ETSY store is OPEN!

I had the pleasure of packing up an order today after class. My brain needed an art break. Only a few classes left but the papers, oh the papers. Good thing I have so many distractions!

Cousin Saucy says pack with love, it is important to pack things properly to ensure happy customers......I like to use re-purposed fabric and twine for extra padding. These little bundles are off to the Queen city-a few little extras snuck in, I had too much fun with this order! I liked the heart clusters so much I decided to try them again. I plan on offering them in my etsy store as soon as I make up a batch of A-Z!

I am always up for new ideas!

What is the most creative packaging you have seen?

JL's pocket packets will always be a favorite of mine!

a few things

These pictures are of a few pieces that I made a few weeks ago and finally found a few moments to pull together into combinations. The idea came from a customer (thanks Barb! Yes, the top one is yours!) who asked about some of the "other shapes" I had made that she saw from a pic on the blog. I had told her that they were just trials and didn't really work out the way I wanted......but it got me thinking.....they didn't look right all alone but what if I clustered them....and VOILA! Yes? NO? What do you think?
This last week wiped me out! I had a major presentation due in one class, a 15 page paper in another, was informed that the contest I had entered my Dad's restaurant in had selected us to be a top 10 finalist and therefore had to submit a 2 page business case in 48 hours (Horizon Exteme Tech Makeover), presented at The Dr Stirling McDowell Foundation (Yoga and Youth Research Project) AND made 50 gingerbread cookies and a house to decorate for family pictures on Sunday.
What is keeping you busy this week?


perfect news.......the pathology reports are in from Nana's surgery, the DR actually sent it back for a second review......NO SIGNS OF ANY CANCER! This is amazing news. The road to recovery will still take some time to travel but this news is worth cheering over.

perfect weather.......it is so nice to play outside and soak up the vitamin D!

perfect......friends. My gal pals dropped over 2 meals and brownies warm from the oven. It couldn't have come at a better time.

perfect husband.......as always he greets me daily with warm, loving smiles (even when I am stressed out and cranky) and he treats me to dinner at Spicy Garden.

.....all these wonderful events have almost erased the sting of backing into my dad's SUV, the ink covered assignments handed back this week with 4 more still to write, a sick baby that I couldn't dream of sending to daycare and the $10 parking ticket from on campus because when I arrived 10 minutes late for my night class on Monday I realized I only had 12 cents in my wallet. All seem so silly as I feel the warm sun and crunch leaves with my feet in the park thinking about how lucky I am to be able to plan a Christmas dinner for my family.....everyone.


What is perfect in your life right now?

a new look

Sweet Sassy Studio will be getting a new look soon! I've been thinking about my blog direction for along time, it is such a good creative outlet for me I really want to channel some freshness ideas my life.

Here is what I have been up to in the studio this week, my first custom order tile texts!

I really enjoy creating these for a new friend-visit my ESTY store to see a few more. I'm a little slow with my postings (The Sprout hasn't been napping! AND I have about 6 assignments that need to be tweaked! Ahhh!)


Looks like the surgery will be tomorrow, I found out just before supper. Nana was well enough to walk down to the TV room today! 3 cheers for Nana!

need you again....

Nana has to go back into surgery for a quick tune up. It seems as though there is a hole in her esophagus they need to close. The surgery will be some time Tuesday. This means more breathing tubes, blood pressure worries and discomfort for poor Nana. Please pray for a smooth surgery, no infection, no discomfort and a speedy recovery for Nana.
Dad is worried about how much her weak body can take so lets be strong for him too.

have a little faith...

We went to see Nana tonight only to find out she had been moved to a new room. A few floors down and a couple of long hallways later we found her. She spent most of the visit talking about how much she liked her old room, how hot she was, how much she wanted to go home.....
Nana looks great. Breathing tube is gone and she is being encouraged to eat small amounts. 3 days ago I was scared I was going to lose my Mom and now I am in a rush to get caught up on my Dad's laundry before she gets home. (it will likely be a few weeks yet)
What a wonderful feeling. I had picked up this book a few weeks ago thinking it would help Mom and I pass time in the hospital together, I am so lucky I will get the chance to read it to her.
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes...you saved my Mom.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Call me crazy or just a 1st time Mom but as much as I love my son and teaching I also love a good deal. I wish I could say I searched out the product and found the deal but it actually fell right on me (for $9.99) during a trip to Winners many months ago.
Who hasn't heard of Hooked on Phonics? (That's who happens to produce this brilliant package of knowledge.) I don't really have an opinion of programs like these but I do like the fact that it spells out the following:
1. Spend time with your child.
2. Read with your child.
3. Show interest in what they are learning.
4. Show respect for learning and teachers.
5. Spend time with your child.
......I popped in the 1st DVD into the computer when the Sprout was 6 months old. I don't like much TV myself (it sucks me in too easily) but I figured a few minutes with supervision might teach us both how to sit still for 10 minutes a day. I played the DVD maybe 3 times a week and used the signs regularly. When the Sprout was 10 months old- he liked the DVD but showed no interest in signing yet. 10.5 month - boom! The Sprout started to sign for eat, drink, and more! Wow! Even McDreamy and Yoda started using the signs.
Now the Spout is 17months old and he can sign:
eat, drink, more, potty( Mommy's favorite), book (Nana's favorite), water, milk, dog, bird, all done/finished, apple, cracker, cereal and banana.
Yesterday when McDreamy got home form work he got himself a drink form the fridge, The Sprout wandered in the kitchen and signed for a drink, McDreamy asked if he wanted milk or water, The Sprout signed water and drank like a fish. And so......
Sassy went straight to her little computer and ordered this!

Oh yes I did! Any Mother who is up with late night feedings knows this program, its on every night from 1 am -6am straight!
The Sprout is developing quite nicely but I want to give him a little encouragement to speak- the signing is great but our little Sprout only has a handful of words and the 18 months and 50+ word deadline is only a few weeks away. (he does say Mom, Dad, Nana, Pa, go ,dog, go, nooooo, bubbles, ball, birdie, vrooom, boc-boc-bark, moo, roar and dieeeee-(eye, I hope!)
So here we go.......this teacher needs to be taught (that what this DVD/flashcard thing for parents is all about)
Has anybody out there tried this program? Advice?


Nana is doing better. Your prayers and well wishes are working so please don't stop. Missy (my big sis) came for a quick visit from BC, Nana loved that. Aunty Heather is also here keeping a close eye on Nana and getting ready to book Nana's hair and nail appointments for when she is well.
As of 3am this morning, Nana is no longer in ICU- she is one step down in care-a good sign.
Please keep up with the prayers.