It was time to celebrate!

 A special book that used to be Mums!
 Sweet friends.
Sweet sisters!

 So lucky to have friend like these gals!

 Oh, how this picture melts my heart! My boys LOVE babies!  They crashed the party just to practice their baby holding techniques!  Soon it will be our new baby they get to hold! 
I think (Ok, I know!) my baby loving husband even won an award from those new Mama's who just loved him on the baby ward!
 The star of the show!

From baby shower to baby-moon!
We are off for ten glorious days of sun and fun.
Reboot, re-energize, re-love, re-live, re-connect, re-luckytobesohappy!

quick spelling game

 Supper was running late.
The ideas for fun are always fresh!
Big Brother has been reading up a storm and I thought it was time to do a little formal spelling too.
He journals after lunch each day but I focus on writing for enjoyment and let him use his own spellings mostly.  I thought formal spelling would be more into the Fall once he begins grade one but I am embracing his beautiful spongy mind and encouraging more. 
Shaving cream was  great opportunity for fun and spelling.
He has already told me he can't wait to spell more words on the table!
  (we did the ake word family because he LOVES snakes)