Apple On A Stick Apple on a stick, apple on a stick I can lick it all day and not get sick.
Apple in a cup, apple in a cup I can drink it all day and not fill up.
Apple in a crunch, apple in a crunch I can eat it all day, it is so good to munch
Apple in a cake, apple in a cake I can eat it all day with no tummy ache
Apple in a pie, apple in a pie I can eat it all day and never cry.
Apple in a dish, apple in a dish I can eat it all day, it's so delish!

My good buddy JL and her gals brought us over a basket of apples. The Sprout fell in love instantly with these crisp balls of goodness......and JL's daughters.

As the Sprout munched I pondered all the yummy treats I could whip up with these tiny bites of deliciousness.

Here is what I came up candy apples!
Want to give them a try? Dust off that candy thermometer and tighten any loose fillings!

Corn syrup (1/2 cup)
Use light corn syrup if you want to color your coating.
Sugar (2 cups)
If you use brown sugar your candy coating will take on its darker color. The molasses in the sugar may also make your mixture more susceptible to burning.
Water (3/4 cup)
Food coloring (if desired), (1/2 tsp)

Candy Coating Goodness

1. Cook over medium-high heat.
2. Stir to dissolve the sugar.
You want the sugar to dissolve before the mixture boils; this will help prevent crystallization.
3. Bring the mixture to a boil.
Reduce the heat to a medium-low flame if you are using brown sugar. This will take longer, but if you have the heat on a higher flame you risk burning the sugar.
4. Don't stir when it starts to boil now to avoid crystallizing the candy. Instead, use your pastry brush to brush the pot's sides with warm water, to prevent crystals from forming.
5. Simmer until the candy reaches 290 degrees Fahrenheit.
6. Remove the candy from heat when it's at 290 degrees Fahrenheit.
Sugar is at the soft-crack stage at this temperature. For a lighter, more brittle candy shell, heat the sugar more. Remove it from heat when it's between 300 and 310 degrees Fahrenheit.
If you heat the sugar to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, place the pot in a cold water bath when you remove it from the stove, to stop the sugar from cooking.

I also made a few carmel apples......and promptly ate them!

What is your favorite apple recipe?

cupcake truck

Oh Cousin Saucy.......does this give you any ideas? I think this idea is fantastic!

Cupcakes to go-go-go!

I'm not quite sure how well foot traffic would be in winter here in Saskatchewan? Maybe we could sell frozen cakes!

Wait a minute......mmmmmmm! I remember these yummy frozen treats when we were in Arizona! Chocolate shell filled with ice cream and topped with creamy whipped cream...delish!

Readers......what would like to you sell from a truck?
Pink in the City says she knows of MORE great trucks like this one she shared. I can't wait to see! Check out her blog, she finds the most creative things!

welcome little cupcake

My newest niece has arrived!
8lbs 4oz of perfect sweetness! I am lucky enough to host a shower for my big sis on September 10th.
The theme is
"welcome little cupcake"
...and I can't wait to stick these stickers on invites and favors and cards and presents and glasses and anything else I can think of on the next 3 weeks! Thanks again Delight Designs!

Congratulations to Jerri-Lea...lucky for you The Sprout picked his favorite number .......1 and seeing as you made the 1st comment that means you can convo Delight Designs to set up your very own order! Don't forget to share your creations on your blog!
Any tips for my baby cupcake shower planning anyone?

200th post givaway!

To celebrate my 200th post I decided to order myself some fancy new blog stickers.

She made this one below just for me!
You simply must must must check out all Char's designs at

if you leave a comment on this post, become a follower and tell me what you would like to use your stickers for you could be the lucky recipient of one sheet of amazingly custom designed stickers of your very own!
Specifically....the prize will be one sheet of custom designed labels - in either 2 inch round or 2.5 inch round - sound good? It's open to US and Canada folks, since that's where she ships.
The winner will get to talk to Char and get exactly what you want! I just know you will be amazed by what Char can do. Delight Designs will leave your drooling for more! Just think of all the things you could stick these stickers on!
I also ordered stickers for the favors for my sister's baby shower.....due any day now! And last night I had some fun with the popcorn bags for movie night with the family, it was too rainy and cold to swim for long.
Have fun browsing in Delight Designs......I can't wait to hear what creative things you could do with your very own stickers!
I'll announce the winner on Friday!

csi miami...... crime or no crime? you decide!

7 hour flight delays......
(supposed to depart at 6:30pm.......flight departed at 2:10 am)
family vacation pictures...
stylish chairs at south beach...

toy organization in the hotel room...
(free upgraded hotel room ocean view with a very private balcony far away from the super cool but also noisy hotel club LIVE which celebs frequent. our resort was the fountain bleu and I would recommend it in a second.)

eating endangered species...
(we go no where without this brilliant giraffe who is a chew toy/puppet/snuggle pet/flight attendant charmer/friend best of sophie )

realizing that son may not be a neurosurgeon like daddy but rather different kind of doctor......

kid friendly hotel including amazing kid pool....

watching my two cute super cute boys play while I slowly sip frosty drinks and relax.....
having exactly the same smile as your dad/son....

taking way too many pictures of your sweet baby boy...
taking even more pictures documenting the very 1st steps of your sweet baby boy as he nonchalantly walks along miami beach into the ocean.....

walking! he's walking! did you see that!

tea cake pan present from perfect husband......
(think pink for my sis's baby shower coming up!)

super cool stacking sprinkles....
(one for cousin Saucy of course!)

animal cookie cutter recipe and cutters....
The only crime that I can see was that his family didn't spend enough time in wonderful Miami!

summer on the prairies

Summer fruits are one of my favorite things about summer. Can you believe that cherries can be grown in Saskatchewan? I am in shock, the cherries above were not quite ready yet and they were still delicious!
If I lived somewhere warm I would have every fruit tree possible in my yard. McDreamy says I have to settle with my little honey berry bushes unless I want to spend all of my free time picking leaves out of the pool. If you could grow any kind of tree in your yard what would it be?

first hairdresser visit

You may have noticed that The Sprout has been sporting a new shorter hair cut. We had a fabulous time dropping in at Beaners, a fantastic children's hair salon just for kids. The Sprout sat in a jeep for the actual haircut too busy honking and driving to care about his baby hair falling to the ground. He did look up at the sound of the buzzers but was quickly put to work holding the cord thanks to the quick thinking of our savvy stylist. It was a great experience, good price and I look forward to booking our next appointment with these talented gals.
This motorcycle is one of the "chairs" you can sit on to get your hair cut. Brilliant I tell you! The Sprout can't wait until his next haircut!

"kissed by the sun"

The Sprout and I had one of the best days ever during a whole day long visit to our Uncle Derele and Aunty Connies' organic farm. The Sprout just calls it paradise. He ate the most delicious and perfect sun kissed organic berries and fruit (and a few yummy organic dirt clumps) all day long. His cousin Brandon spoiled him rotten with fresh hand picked raspberries, Saskatoon berries and The Sprout's new favorite........fresh peas. We had a good laugh when The Sprout started tossing the fresh raspberries over his shoulder to get to the peas.

Here is my Little Sprout on his first tractor! I only had a slight heart attack seeing my baby on a major piece of farm equipment but reminded myself he was in Yoda's loving hands.

The Sprout saw a turtle, snuggled kitties, had a non-stop flow of amazingly fresh berries, fruit and veggies, put berry pails on his head, rode/sat on in a tractor, drank from water guns, picked his own berries to eat, napped in the fresh farm air, ate more amazingly fresh berries, ate some dirt, picked leaves, tasted leaves, spit out leaves, tired to eat straw, watched grasshoppers..........ate more berries and peas and fell asleep with a smile on his sweet little face. A perfect day.