bones and numbers

You were thrilled to do this after lunch activity and asked to do it again and again.
Hmmm, candies and counting a good match!

Later we made patterns and abstract art.
I think we make good use of the bones until they run out!

following directions

 Thanks lego.
 A very important skills we are working on around here.
Lego is a great tool to help us learn.
This ghost lego was only $5 and perfect for a treat.

pumpkin maze

It was our annual visit.
It was a nice treat to visit the pumpkin maze.
I love the light there. Super for picutres.
Looking at these photos I want to go back!

donut day

 Little Brother needed an afternoon nap and we needed some "us" time.
 So we made your favorite treat, chocolate chocolate donuts!  You did most of the work.....
 ...and lots of sampling!
 Baking time! I love this little machine.  The donuts were baked, not fried and were just as yummy.
 YOU sounded out this makes my heart smile to see you learn to print words.
 Decorating was fun. That was your job. I can see us making donuts again soon!

barn sale

 Oh My.
A school Mom told me about a barn sale.
I have never been to a barn sale before.
It was so picturesque. Only a short drive from the city.
Down a long winding road to a beautiful barn.....
 ...full of treasure!
 I hit the mother load of fireking cups.
I love the box too!
Big Brother loved the barn and the holes in the floor that let you peek down below.
Little brother loved the dogs, or the 'arffs" as he calls them.
I could have stayed all day looking through drawers and cupboards filled with beautiful old treasures.
On the way home my Dad said he could do that everyday and not get tired of it.
An afternoon in the country in a beautiful old red barn with a hot Tim Horton's steeped tea, 3 of my 4 favorite boys and a trunk full of could I!

little cups

There is something about individual portions I love.
This seven layer dip is all over blog land but I took the jump and tried it.
 Then I needed something sweet.
Pound cake, fresh whipped cream and fresh berries. Perfect. Double yum.

I popped lids on these snacks and off we went to a parent information night for piano. I didn't have to worry about a toppling dessert or any dishes to take home. Just my style. 


 This perfect little guy played a beautiful concert after a yummy Thanksgiving feast today.
He loved it and I was so proud.  He announced what he wanted to play so sweetly and confidently. "And now I will play a one note twinkle". 
I am so very thankful for him and his love of music.
 He also made sweet pumpkin place cards for all the guests. 
Eight names is a very big job when you are four.
 I am thankful for this sweet baby.  He eats so well.  Really well.
I am really thankful he is able to eat and join us in our celebration.
I am thankful for his words. He newest word is "me".  Melt my heart.
 Our table was small but the food was plenty.  Nana not quite up to coming over but her tricks can be seen here.  Do you seethe tiny x's on the brussel sprouts? She taught me that.
 I love getting a chance to use my second hand medalta bowls.
I am thankful for the time my Dad and I spend treasure hunting.
 I am thankful to the "Dad" who made me a "Mom".

I am thankful I got to use my vintage dessert plates in our warm and happy home.
They make me feel so girly in a house full of boys.
So many reasons to be thankful!

Halloween Count Down

 Take one old part of a dresser....
 Stencil on some words...
 Drill some holes...
 Add numbers...
 And treats...
 To make a count down to Halloween!
My model Plo-koon from star Wars(sp?).
I have no idea why my little loves to dress up so much. 
I made the count down to help teach counting backwards. 
It took less than an hour to make and it was a fun project to do together.