Extra Day Extra Fun

Extra day Extra fun times!

Squeeze and Pour......

Count and dream of what we will create.....

It was warm today but it will get cool again and we will be ready to build with our coloured ice cubes! Until then we will dream and draw!

BBQ Beef On a Ciabatta Bun with Apple Peacan Salad

I have to post this so I remember to make this again.

8am-cube beef (4lbs) big cubes, toss in crock pot with 1 can of bxxr, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup of ketchup, 1/2 cup cider vinegar, 1tsp chili powder, splash Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste and one onion chopped up in pieces big enough to pull out later (I think onions are yucky but they do add flavor).
Put on high.
Go have fun.
4pm-shred beef with 2 forks. Put back in sauce.
Slice buns.
Toss salad.
Serve and enjoy.
This was delish. One of meals you can't stop eating. Perfect with the ciabatta bun, it soaked up the juice and didn't get soggy.
My mouth is water for it already.
Can't wait for leftover lunch tomorrow!

pa had a birthday

he got extra baby hugs...
a few portraits of himself (some with Spiderman...)

We all had a great time!

Because Mommy loves to party!

Above picture is Pa and Big Brother dressed up as Spiderman.

We are so lucky to have Pa.

8 months

You are 8 Months Old!

You weigh 23 lbs. Yup, that is big.

You have 4 teeth and Mommy gets the odd little nibble on her shoulder.

You are very confident in the food you do not like. You quietly keep your lips closed, turn your head slightly and stand your ground until what you like comes your way.

New meals you like include, roast beef and potatoes, chicken rice peach and banana chunks. Kiwi is a no go and so is corn-but you like a corn cob just fine.

You chew on a bone with delight and if watermelon is in the house you are happy all day chewing on a rind (under very close supervision!)

You make strange with a few people (sorry Uncle Derele) but usually if some smile sat you they get a great big grin right back.

You are up at 10:30 and sometimes go right through until 5:30. You were a tiny bit stuffy this week and needed extra snuggles at 1:30 and 3:30 we will remind you (by not going it not get you...) that a little more sleep makes us all happier.

You LOVE your toys. Balls, rattles, Spiderman and music anything. You sit so happily with your box of toys pulling each one out for a play before moving onto the next.

You love watching your big brother do anything.

If he eats a banana you want one.

If he drinks for a glass you want one.

If he is playing Spiderman you need one too.

I see a wonderful pattern and I love it.

We have started baby sign language this month. We will work on eat, milk, more and all done.

Your smiles continue to melt my heart.

You jump out of my arms when you see your Dad come in from work and give kisses (wet and sloppy sweetness) that every one loves.

You are sweet and kind and we are so lucky to have you.


melt my heart.

I know one little boy who loves his Grandpa more than anything else he knows.

Amazing resemblance!

(and above mentioned 3 year old taught himself the letter A-he covered a page with it one day and I asked how he knew what it was-he said it is A (s) for Captain America Mommy...... how silly of me!

sea otter

We love swimming lessons.

Nothing says relax like watching a bunch of 3 year olds in the pool.....un-parented.

Let' s just say that teacher Jesse will be getting a nice fat Starbucks gift card and the end of the session of lessons. My favorite little sea otter post lesson..

when one door closes....

There are always new doors to open.
Hey Aunty Connie, our Little Bear looked everywhere for you.
(Heh, heh-did you see the sign? A nod of approval for our day trip from Grandma too, no?)

8 Months Old

Oh those eyes....I was answering the phone one day and looked down and saw these beautiful eyes staring back at me. I melted, got my camera, snapped this pic and chatted on the phone while I finished unloading the dishwasher.
It wasn't until after bedtime I saw this photo and I wished I had stopped to stare back at you a little longer....beautiful baby I love you so very much. The silly dished will wait tomorrow so I can lose myself in your eyes for a few extra moments.

Official 8 month photo shoot to follow.

Happy Valentine's!

packing up home!

...or little houses for gifts.
I couldn't resist these sweet little house with sweet little scoops!
We packaged up a few and dropped them off at our favorite girls homes :)

love you...

Dear My Boys,

Love Mommy.

houses of love

Tiny houses painted by tiny hands. Can you think of a sweeter gesture of love?
Art activities like painting are great for building those pre-writing skills.
They are also just lots of fun.
Into the kiln they go..... then.....Ta Daaa!An art project that filled our house with ...

biscuits of love

Big Brother an I made a quick batch of biscuits. We laughed.
And baked.

And ate. (we made turkey bacon too, mmmm!)

What a nice Sunday morning.

feeling fruity

Orange was the colour of the day a while back at school.

We stopped by the grocery store for some bread on our way home and came out with every kind of orange they had.I know this little guy loves fruit so I just smiled as he filled his little cart.

We sequenced the oranges by size, colour talked about shape and felt the different peels and then ate them all up.

It is amazing how lucky we are to have access to such great food.

The cost was less than 5 bucks and we snacked for two afternoons.

we felt like lemonade

A fun activity for a winter day.

Lots of fine motor life skills for this active guy.

We had a good laugh over making sour faces.

Made me dream of warm summer days by the pool.