Think Princess Pink!

Gretel's Birthday party is on the Spout and I zipped around town picking up things we needed to begin the princess cupcakes. I can remember my Grandma K spending hours making me a princess cake...I think she would be proud! Mc Dreamy helped out by pulling off the tails and wings of my princesses so they would stand nicely, a nice boy job for him. He also gave the Sprout a bath while I did up dos on the girls so their hair wouldn't fall into the icing, don't you just love the little crown clip!

I just love this picture of the looks like they are on stage ready for a show! It is actually the top shelf of my freezer! Dance away the night gals!

Sweet Sweet Minnie!

One word......MAGICAL! Disney was the most well organized, clean, tidy, warm, friendly and fun place I have ever been. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed our family trip in one simple blog so I will spread it out into 10 posts of my top 10 magical moments in Florida.
Here is Magical Moment number one........Sweet, Sweet Minnie. You are just as kind and gentle as I remember your voice in your cartoons as you help the Sprout with his hat he chose to wear just in case he ran into you and Mickey today. You are every bit as sweet in person as you are in your show. You have forever captured my heart.......and the Sprouts too- he can't take his eyes off of you!

Can You Guess What This Is?

I'll give you a makes the water go down in this...

OK, it's a pool pump! Mc Dreamy left me a note this morning asking me to take it out of the pool at noon because the pool boy (featured below- I did ask his permission to blog his photo and gave him a blog card. I'm that he will be a regular visitor now! He he.) was coming to close the pool...sigh

..summer days are gone.

I guess leaving for Florida in 8 hours somewhat dulls the pain but I will really miss the happy pool sounds and family bar-b-ques and of course the hotdogs!

Look out Disney World (or land I can never seem to get which is which straight) here we come! I am lusting after pink Mickey ears like you wouldn't believe!

Stay tuned for funny Florida photos! Be back soon!

Baking with a Purpose

Friends are coming over today! OH Goody! A reason to bake!
I started with the Frenemie's secret recipe for puffed wheat cake...
Added a few dozen chewy cherry chocolate chip cookies with pink m and m's in (support of breast cancer I think the pink makes them extra tasty!)...

Ta Da! Displayed them nicely...

and...AHHH! Stop! THIEF! Catch her! She's running away with my baked treasures!

Oh wait! It's my good friend M. Who knew she had such a sweet tooth! Good thing I baked extras! I'm thrilled she liked my creations and I am proud she's going to share them with her 2 princesses at home. What would be better than finding a pink chocolate chip cookie in your lunchbox after a hard morning of grade 4 or grade 6. Enjoy girls!

Here are two more princesses who seemed to enjoy a swim and a snack. Both of these little ones were on their best behaviour with their Dad tonight. They swam, ate and played like two of the best behaved little dollies I have ever seen! Be proud Mom and Dad, I can't wait for next summer to invite you over again!

And now...I am enjoying my delicious hostess gift from J. Honey and garlic roasted chips...what a great blogging snack! Thanks J, I'll trade you cookies for these chips any day!

Terrific Tuesday!

Have you ever had One of Those Days? I accomplished many things to day and thank goodness The Sprout was in his usual great mood. He really is a terrific baby and days like this remind me just how special he is. We work so well as a team together!

We began with working on pictures for Gretel's Birthday next month...

The Sprout's 4th month picture update for relatives and a special treat for our Walk and Stroll Class. After the photo lab we had to drop of some posters we made for Yoda's restaurant. He treated us to the Chef's special Borscht........Sassy's FAVORITE soup ! It was that moment that I was enjoying my hot borscht that I noticed an error on 30 of the pictures I had printed out for a surprise for our Walk and Stroll class. What is Wal and Strll ? AHHH! Luckily some quick thinking ....

.....and a few really cute decorative leaves saved the day!

We also Jazzed up Gretel's invites with a few jewels and sparkles. I can't wait to work on favors now!

Last Swim of the Season

It was a beautiful day today and it was nice to wrap up the day listening to kids having fun in the backyard. Gretel loves doing canon balls for an audience! This was our first summer with a pool and I look forward to enjoying it again next year already. After the swim it was a nice bbq feast of hotdogs and a fresh blueberry crisp. I am a summer girl and the thought of fall approaching makes my tummy flip flop.......just enough time for one last pool party on Thursday!

Moi!...a Published Author!

July 25th 2008
By Daryl & Chantelle...

This may very well be the coolest thing I have done all week! I also think I am addicted to making books now! It took a few late nights but I have created 2 masterpieces that will surely make the New York best sellers list very soon! Look out lucky family members....guess what you will be getting for Christmas!

Hmmm, now what else can I publish a book about? The ideas are spinning through my head like fresh candy floss! I am already planning to treat myself to a Blog book once I hit 100 posts! I am hoping cousin Saucy will make a blog book of all her blogs, I will be first in line to order one!

September Bar B Que

We had a wonderful family BBQ on Sunday.

My big brother came over with his boys for a swim, hot dog roast and to fool around in the sport court. I love his company but I also love the treats he brings........oh the perks of having a family member in the hair care industry! McDreamy got a new and wonderful smelling hair product that makes me swoon!

Yoda jokingly wore a toque into the pool and got a good laugh out of everybody.

Brainwash 2008

Sweetart Drinks.....


Mini-Brains party favours.....



This weekend Mc Dreamy and I hosted a fun staff party we jokingly named BRAINWASH. The day stated out with buckets of rain but the clouds cleared and guests arrived and a good time was had by all!

My favorite part were the party! Well, I thought they looked like cute little mini-brains but McDreamy rained on my parade when he pointed out that brains are actually more white than pink. Those science-y types are no fun at all! (Mc Dreamy actually loved them, he thinks I am crazy for spending my few free moments stuffing small candies into tiny baggies ands making labels with tiny brains but that is why he loves me!)