the scoop

I used my "new to me" scoop I found at value village for under $2-they had a bin full of new commercial scoops and you can bet I scooped up a few of those scoops as soon as I spied them!
This was the 1st time I tried using the scoop for cookies and I loved it!

The cookies came out so close to the same size it was amazing- I love it when things turn out just right.
A few of my Wednesday classmates were treated to these cookies.

The Sprout also approved enough to share some of his cookie with his favorite dinosaurs

(that means they must be good!)

Tie T-Shirts

Wow! This was fun! I really made these cute t-shirts!

You must check out the tutorial HERE!

1 nap time ='s 6 shirts! How productive and cool!
I can't wait to make a bunch for my sis and her twins, I think I'll even do one in pinks for baby Riley.
This project is great for using up scraps and/or recycling Daddies old shirts.
Wouldn't it be a great party theme for little boys, you could send the invite attached to one of these T-Shirts...
Just Like Dad!
There could be shave the balloon games, eat a whole cupcake in one bite contest, dirt shovelling, move big boxes from one spot and back again, race car driving, singing in the shower contest, nail hammering contests and my favorite.......the kissing Mommy contest!

love potion and one of those days

Have you ever had one of those days?

I have them all the time!

My latest involved a quick trip to Walmart after I put the Sprout to bed....the trip lasted 2.5 hours because my jeep wouldn't start to take me onto the rest of my errands. No idea what it was, lots of gas, new oil, lights worked too, it just wouldn't move! (hugs to unlce derrele and aunty connie who rescued me!)

Not a huge deal- I survived.

The next day was tricky, McDreamy had OR, Pa was busy with Nana appointments and I had no way to get The Sprout to daycare so I could get to class......then there was the game of trying to meet the tow truck back at Walmart to send the jeep to the fix it place.

In the end it all worked out. A tiny wave in my otherwise calm life.

Off I was to attend class fresh faced and prepared to drop off my carefully thought out Valentine potluck contributions, Love Potions!

Excitedly I arrived early to drop off the Love Potions in the lunchroom, I was early all right....about 363 days......or, 2 days late.



Here was a fun project I added to a presentation I did last week for a behavior class. It is a graduate level class but I try to be creative with my presentation, seriously, it helps to engage even adult learners.

I thought this little car would be a great tool for a special education teacher to keep handy on his/her desk.

The steps for this program are simple and basic for kids to understand. I used the car as a visual for those visual learners out there (that's me!)

1.Freeze and Think! What is the problem?
2.Alternatives? What are some of my possible solutions?
3.Solution Evaluation? Choose the best solution?
4.Try It! Slowly and carefully. Does it work?

The steps are from the book below, a great read for even seasoned teachers. Whole group teachings, a brilliant step to educating kids on how to get along best. Yes, I agree some skills are best taught through experiences on the playground with out adults but I also believe there is nothing wrong with offering strategies-everyone learns different ways!

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders School –Based Practices Author Matthew Mayer

Valentine's Day

ps. Dear McDreamy
(the most wonderful husband in the whole world...)

I love you more than yesterday my dear husband, I am truly the luckiest girl in the whole world to have you.....

If you ask me I would write a book

About the way you walk, whisper and look

I would write the details on how we met

So our children would never forget

And the simple secret of our tale

Is to tell you, my love will never dim or fail

When the time comes for my book to end

I will smile as I close my eyes to dream more of you best friend.
(in moments I will be whisked away on a very romantic journey to spend time with hundreds of my closest animated friends........I'll be away for a bit, but back in time for classes of course. (and yes, Dr McI. , I will keep editing chapter 1,2,3)
Feel free to guess where I am!)

Love is in the air...

I had too much fun with making the Sprout's personalized Valentines.
I wonder if he will let me do this as he grows up.Hmmm.....better have fun with it while I can.
Here is sample one!
(and expect more to come!)

valentine fun

My niece was over the other night and we were feeling creative. She is my go to model for pictures and always has been.

She is the 1st 2 day old baby I ever held......and this year she is taller than me.

We came up with this cute Valentine for her buddies, the flap will go ever the small picture. This sweet gal is a ton of fun!

my favorite

Yeah! to photoshop.

I made about 10 different designs for The Sprout but this I think is my favorite. My plan is to make them into little stickers (colour laser printing only 25 cents a sheet at university and I can get 30 stickers on a page!) for treat bags.

Valentine Swap and Necklace Party

Ladies that can turn this......

Into these.....


amazing, fun, talented, great, sparkie, cool, friendly, fantastic, artsy, funny, and well....GENIUSES!

I had so much fun chatting and creating with these gals that an Easter event seems just so far away to have to wait to see each other again.

The event was great and the creativity in the Valentine swap still makes my head spin. These girls are so smart and artistic I need to seriously step up my game to stay in the club.
Sassy's List of Things to Do:
1. Take car of family.
2. Thesis.
3. Some serious blog stalking.
4. Assignments.
5. More blog stalking.

hug rings-secret surprise!

I made these, so fun. Also for sale in my etsy shop!

top secret.....

...a top secret project is in the works. It is for the participants of our Valentine Necklace event in just a few days. I'll share more after! Any guesses?

Happy Birthday Loopy!

I whipped this up ages ago and thought I'd post the pics so I wouldn't forget to send it along with Saucy on Sunday! (It's OK to peek Loopy!)
I am all about recycling this year and finally found this old key board to turn into wearable art. I glued the key onto an acrylic base and then onto a ring base. Took less than 10 minutes and I think the result is quite a statement and maybe a tiny bit crooked.

Pearls and ribbon-how fun! Toss in a few HELLO! Kitties, guitars and rustic clay hearts and Ta da! I am not a pro designer like Cousin Saucy but it sure is fun to play!

Dear Play Doh,

I have two short but very important words to say to you.
Thank you.
With Love,
PS. I had no idea my 20 month old son knew how to sit for more than 27 seconds. Everyday this week we have spent at least half and hour sitting at the table rolling, cutting, squashing, poking, stabbing, texturing, snaking and patting. You play-doh people are brilliant, you must all be mommies.

order up!

Etsy is so much fun. I just finished another order to be packed up and shipped out. I found the cutest little key charms with "love" and just had to add one for a finishing touch. I always make and send a few "extra" tiles to cover for breakage or accidents. It was so nice to hear a customer who mixes and matches her "extra" tiles. The pendants are quite versatile and leave lots of room open for creativity!

This cute piece isn't going into a mailbox, it is for a local friend who also has a box of the Sprout's clothes if she wants it too. My little Sprout is growing like a weed- in all 2T clothes. Needless to say I have clothes for him that I didn't even get the chance to snip the tags off of yet.

I have to run back to the studio ( I read 4 chapters today for my behavior class, attended a 3 hour class and met with other students for a self imposed tutorial for 2 hours so I earned it!).

I have a secret project I can't wait to share!