baby shower

Can you have too much fun.... at a party with great friends and family ...with chalk bubbles....
...and fun themed drinks...

.....blueberry parting gifts....

...sweet baby pictures and diaper decorations everywhere...

....FABULOUS food.....

...tasty treats......

....tons of laughing.....

...sweet glowing Friends.....


...cheesy home movies....

(thanks honey, my closest girlfriends really enjoyed the impromptu video of my birth.....)

..and more great food and treats and advice and laughter!

I have the best friends.

Many of them even told my wonderful husband they enjoyed the movie..

...they must be really great friends!

ah ha! I did it!

Thumbs up to anybody who can already make these.

Don't let those sweet and innocent looking simple balls fool you!

Alas, I have just joined your elite ball making club.
I am still very green at the art of cake pops but I can pull off one that

is actually edible and looks sweet enough to eat.

I am not as cool or smart as Bakerella but she is my inspiration. I can only dream of the pops she creates. One day....maybe one day I will be able to pull off a themed cake pop.

For now, solid colour with sprinkles will do.

Sticks-oh, you like them too! I found them here. I just put in another order for more fun "green" stuff-you'll love the store!

and then.... heart melted.

They were actually asleep.

Big Brother and I had a whole hour to "create" in the studio. We put sticker gem stones on wooden butterflies and practiced snipping paper.

It was a nice day.


Love this idea.

I might have to add it to my to do list to make!

I found it here.

4 weeks old baby picture

I am 4 weeks old!

That is a month!

I am a month old!

I am still 10lbs, maybe a little bigger, my newborn clothes are starting to fit quite snug.

I nap in very short bouts but sleep well at night so Mom says it is OK for now.

I love it when Dad comes home after work-I secretly save my smiles for him.

I like going for walks with Mom and my Big Brother and am really working on holding my head up so I can go in the swing at the park someday.

I like looking out the window.

I have had my passport pictures taken.

I cry only when I am hungry or need changed.

I love my monkey blanket and use it everyday for tummy time.

I am not a fan of swords, my Big Brother thinks he is a Ninja 27/7. (or Spiderman or Robinhood or Iron Man or Shaggy)

I however, am quite happy being a baby.....for now.

where is my picnic?

You know your family has been having a great month of summer when your 3 year old very casually asks , "Where is my picnic?" while at the splash park. I guess he forgot that we had already had a picnic that day, it was after a delicious BBQ supper, and it was 1/2 hour away from bed time.

It was sweet the way he asked, not demanding, just innocent and sweet. This is one of our many splash parks. This one has the worst parking but best views- I love that old (not functional but rustic cool) bridge.

I also love the snack gadget I use almost everyday, it is pink but oh so functional for snacking!

3 weeks old baby picture

I am almost 10 lbs.

I sleep from 8pm to 1 or 2 am. Then I am up again at 4, 6, 7 and 8. I must be a morning guy like my Dad. Poor Mom.

I love smiling at my Dad and being held by my Big Brother when he does not poke me with foam swords.

I have been to 3 splash parks, Pike lake once, the farm twice (mosquito's nearly carried me away!) and love to sleep poolside in my bassinet on the stroller.
I burp loudly and need to burp twice.

I only cry if I need changed or am hungry.

I have a bath every night and LOVE bath time.

Mommy tucks me in every night but Daddy always remembers to give me kiss.

I am 3 weeks old.

2 week picture

I am 2 weeks old!

I am 8.5 lbs and have smiled at my Dad, Pa and Big Brother many times. Poor Mom is still waiting.

I love to eat eat eat.

I also enjoy stroller rides to the park.

I am not a big fan of shopping.

Daddy says HomeSense makes him cry too.

I am sleeping a little better every night.

I love to sleep on Dads chest and watch Scooby Doo.

I love it when Mom falls asleep feeding me it the night and we end up cuddling for 2-3 hours in the big comfy nursing chair in my room.

I make sweet noises and talk LOTS.

Everybody asks how old I am when we are out and I love the attention.

I have tried out my swing and I think I like it even though Mom thinks I am too little and makes Dad take me out.

Dad read me my first story I Can Teach My Dog to Talk.

I like everything my Dad does. Another thing we do to have fun is photo shoots.

OK, it is fun for me.

I am a week late in editing. Week 3 picture coming soon.

I absolutely love this blanket made especially for my little boy boy a super sweet teacher friend. I had no idea she could sew so well or read my mind as the blanket has monkeys on it and it coordinates perfectly with the banana shirt sticker theme. So smart. This is the official back-drop blanket for the next year as well as our favorite tummy time blanket! Thanks sweet friend!

1st day solo with 2 kiddos

Things to do with a newborn and a 3 year old.....

I can do this I can do this.

My wonderful husband went back to work today after a month at home. We miss him already and it is barely noon.

baby baby CAKES!

Ooo, I don't have much time for baking right now but I am wishing for ones of these!

I think I might just have to treat myself...checking to see if they ship to Canada!

The only problem is I should to choose

just one.....which one do you like the best?

Lake Day Trip

We had a great day.





Catching and releasing minnows.

Reed hunting.

Making waterfalls with Daddy.


Honeyberry Heaven

Baby Brother had his first trip to the farm this past weekend!

We were shocked how big Uncle Derele's Honeyberries were!

They are twice the size of our berries in our backyard.


Big Brother was allowed to sneak some broccoli too-his favorite obviously!

(I am serious about that!)

From the time he was a baby this boy LOVED broccoli. I think it all goes back to Annabel Karmel's fishy cheese and broccoli that I made-she seriously has the BEST baby recipes ever. All the smart Mommies love her style! (thanks for the reminder Lisa, I'll have to dust off my old recipe books and read up on leeks!)

But for now its fresh broccoli and berries for us!

Here is our favorite Honeyberry Recipe.

We also love honeyberry vinaigrette on fresh farm spinach.

We are so lucky to have these kind farmers so close!
Not only do they grow the best veggies and fruit.......something else grows each time we visit....


abc stones

Found these here!
So smart. I am inspired! What a great idea to do at the lake or camping.

Canada Day 2011

Our first Canada Day as a family of 4! Race cars, popcorn and ninjas.
.....and Mounties!

......and FLAGS!

A great day!

(big brother shocked his Dad by knowing (most)the words to O'Canada!)