winter weekend

 "Nothing in this world compares
to the comfort and security
of having someone
just hold your hand." 
 Richelle E. Goodrich, , Smile Anyway

 Our first outdoor fire in winter.  It was wonderful.  We smelled like campfire for the rest of the trip!
 We write like this in the sand in summer too!  I know I will look back on this and smile.....wait a minute I already am smiling!

 Peeking for fish.
Walking back to our warm cabin.  It is amazing we can walk with so much clothing on.  Layer are great.  We spent the rest of the weekend visiting with a friend who owns a local hotel and out for dinner.  We all slept cozy in our quilted log beds that night!

art show clay handbuilding

 We have a home full of snails, fish, butterflies and trees.
 The snails are super cute.

 Just about as cute as my little artist!

Who knew that a major in art could bring so much joy.
Don't get me wrong, five years of looking at slides of art on a Tuesday night art history class at University while eating corn ships made me very happy when I was 17 through 22, this is just a new happy. (We used to get in trouble for talking and eating and giggling-we were so bad!)
I just received a new contract with the same University I used to attend.
I love my job, four years has flown by. 
  Completing my masters was a great decision. I can't believe I stay home with my kids AND still keep my career. 
Making snails, thick text books and a healthy mind.

art day


 Being five is like a being in a world of new doors each with something interesting to offer.
I spent a few hours Wednesday am with his class working with clay.
So we spent three hours at home, just us, creating while our minds raced with ideas and our fingers hurried with tools.
 We talked.  I listened.
 He tried new tools in new ways.  He was so happy with his new techniques.

He loves fish. He could eat fish everyday. He made clay fish.  The most beautiful clay fish I have ever seen.  His snails are spectacular.  The first few were difficult but by the 20th one he had no problems!  He wants to take the snails to the lake.  Perfect for the secret garden.

 Then this little guy came over.  Climbed up on his chair and as I passed him a few clay cut outs and tools he went right to work.  No directions needed.  He poked with toothpicks, pencils and tools.  Analyzing each mark he made.

Then glowed with accomplishment.
 It seems like yesterday he was a baby napping while I did this with his big brother. 
Both my boys, a box of clay and a warm home filled with a desire to create art and love.
Family day is technically tomorrow but today was one of my best family days ever!
Off to load the kiln...

karma cleanse

Working on those high standards.
It is good to do a self check along with the sun salutations each day!


I am so lucky to have a life filled with good people.
Great family.
Great friends.
Never perfect.
Never the expectation of perfection.