May is just around the corner and that means a Birthday is coming! Plans have been in the works for some time now, invites ordered, menus being planned.

What does this have to do with Spiderman.....

nope not the theme for the party this year (but it is a great one hmmm...)

Notice the length of the PJ's- little short?

Yeah that may be because they have been work ALMOST EVERY NIGHT for the last YEAR!

They were a gift from last years birthday, possible the best gift of the year. (except for the fact I have to wash them everyday....but I really don't mind modern laundry machines I will never take you for granted!)

So with Birthday number 3 just around the corner I smile at the thought of just how much my little one has grown, how beautiful.....might just be a hint for some new size 5's Spidey style!

bubble blower

...Easter Basket treats.....

...not as easy as it looks!

...we don't call it a gun.

...but it is a TON of fun!

Easter Brunch

I was excited to dust off my Easter Colour Collection of FireKing mugs for my special guests. I kept the yellow one out, it still makes me feel so happy.

My favorite 2 year old son made the name cards for everyone. Seating was very interesting.

It was a great brunch this year. I think my cooking is getting better!

........or maybe it was Aunty Connie's help........she helped me whip up a new family favorite Beaver Tails! (also known as elephant ears) I'll post that recipe later!

egg-cellent friends!

Hoppy Easter to all our EGG-CELLENT friends!
.....we loved sharing these with our day-care friends! It was our last day on Wednesday but we'll be sure to visit soon.
It will be Montessori School in the Fall but until then just Grandpa and Mommy time.

Easter Brunch

We are so excited to be hosting a small but family filled brunch on Friday.

These little Chickie's are the perfect napkin holders!

We started with just one for fun but had so much fun we had a flock (complete with names!) in no time!

oh yes we did

Disney 3 times in 3 years.

Each time soooo different because of the age of my little one.

This time was by far the best. We discovered Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. We loved them so much that I forced myself into bikini everyday for 7 days. Seriously, the best part of Disney for us will always be the water parks. Advert your eyes if you need to I won't be offended.

We did the private house with pool instead of hotel. It was amazing. Perfect for us. We have to go again next year (Daddy's work) and I think it will be torture to have to stay in a paid for Disney hotel after having our own place. Somehow....I know we will survive :)