filthy ball

See this ball. Trust me it is filthy.
 See My Boys.

 This is how they play a game they invented called "filthy ball".
 Great game. Sweet bunch.  Lucky me. I play filthy ball endless times a day.  More or less there are no rules. You just avoid getting hit by the "filthy ball".  My 3 year old has great aim.  Lucky me.

10 months old

Pretty cute, huh! I know!
Oh Yeah, see all my teeth! I'll open really wide for you!
I have 6 with two more on the way! Better stock up on tooth brushes Mom!
I am 10 months old now.
I am a really good eater. I eat everything. The more the better! I am a whopping 26 pounds. No wonder Mom makes a "ughphf" sound everytime she picks me up.
26 pounds to love Mom!
I love baths.
I love my Dad. I watch him shower and get ready every morning, it is our special time.
Mommy and I have special time too. It is a 9pm, 12am, 2am and sometimes even 4am if she is really lucky. To be honest, these last few nights I have been trying to get a little more sleep and last night was only up once. Poor Mommy.
Pa and I get to play everyday. He likes it when I play the lollipop drum for him.
Pa also knows the secret to my happiness. Watermelon. I could sit and watch him and big brother draw superheos at the table for ever as long as I have watermelon.
Big Brother makes me laugh and laugh.
I love everything he does and watch him very closely.
I say dadada and bbbbbb and ssssssssss.
I crawl backwards very well and get up on all fours when Mom makes me.
Seriously people, I am happy sitting with my toys and having you all bring me whatever I want or carry me, do you really think I am going to ruin that anytime soon?
I have mastered the sippy cup full of water and have signed "eat" a few times. Mom is still working on "more" and "drink".
I wear 18-24 month sleepers and they are getting a little snug.
I wear 12-18 month pants and 18-24 month t-shirts.
I prefer to chew my socks rather than wear them.
Overall, I am cute sweet and getting smarter by the minute.

a good day for mud

You are starting to experiment.
You are getting very brave.
You are growing up.

You are 100% boy.
You are 3, but tell everyone that you are 5.
You love milk.
You love your Mommy.
You love carrots and popcorn.
You put up with your little brother.
You ask to go to Typhoon Lagoon at Disney almost everyday.
(Next year we will go again but that is too far away right now)
You are up very early.
You shower every night and rarely bath.
You love your Daddy.
You chirp with delight as he walks in each day from work and chase him until he picks you up and hugs you...unless you are watching Spiderman. You really love Spiderman. You dress up as Spiderman, have Spiderman shirts, gotchies, masks, stickers and tattoos.
You are growing up.
You like to give me LOUD kisses.
You are learning to write words.
You love to draw.
You are hardly my little boy anymore.
You are quickly becoming my big boy.
I am so proud of you big boy.

the flower

On the way home from school all you could talk about was flowers.
We had a little disagreement over the colour of stems.
Since spring is no where in sight we stopped by a florist.

You drew flowers for the rest of the afternoon.
You asked about the parts.
We talked about using real colours.
We sniffed.
We talked.
We drew.
Your mind is such a sponge.
I love each day with you.
(On the way to Costco a few days later you referred to the flag pole as a flag stem. Your Pa and I laughed- it was too sweet to correct at that moment. Maybe when you are four.)

How the Gimquat Found Her Song

Come along....
Bang a drum,
Toot a flute,
Hear a tale,
and follow the musical trail!
We had a great time, just Daddy Big Brother and Mommy......
at our first symphony.
What a magical experience.
A magical story.
A magical presentation.
The perfect introduction to a new journey our family will be on involving a life and home full of music.
Stay tuned....heh, heh.
Musical Joke :)

Do You Work With Dr. Seuss?

"Daddy... do you work with Dr. Seuss?"
Cutest question ever.
He is Dr. right?!
Well, surely they must work at the hospital together.
Oh, how his mind works..and works...and WORKS!
Our supper times are great.
Fish, peas, rice and LOTS of laughs!