skull sidewalk chalk

This was a quick easy and fun activity one warm Fall afternoon. Mix powdered paint and plaster, add water. Stir until thick like syrup and then pour into molds. Our skull mold was only $1. Perfect boy style chalk! Wait until it is dry, pop out and use your chalk. We love hop scotch around here.

Why make your own chalk?

It is a great lesson on liquids and solids. It is fun to make interesting shapes and colours. It is a good sequencing activity for 3 year olds!

pumpkin maze

So fun. We love the pumpkin maze. It is free. It is inside. Inside is good for baby brothers in the cool crisp fall. You love to run. You love to hide. We have been twice so far. I wonder how many more times we will go. Your smile in the picture above tells me many many more.

Pumpkin Party Review

Wow. Fall parties are great! So many well behaved kiddos makes for a really fun time!

Here are a few highlights!
yummy smores

pumpkin juice

tang and ginger ale)

Ahh! Monster cookie!

(eyes were a big hit, I will do a tutorial soon!)

Sucker hiding Ghosts.


fun chalk board signs...

cute but not cute enough for Martha pumpkin balls

(thanks for your vote of support dear husband. (

He did tell me they were delish but just not magazine cover ready)

Pumpkin Pinata!

Broken open by Super Baby!

(we even heard a "Wow, that baby is really strong!" from the crowd!)

sack races

donut eating........with no hands!

(husbands previous comment about pumpkin balls was forgotten because he had to go to 4 different Tim Horten's to round up 18 old fashioned plain)

Scary potion making, we are still working on making a pattern with candies-fun and educational!

Pumpkin carving, serious business!

Even a surgeon needs his
Mommy's help sometimes!

Future Dr's I see!

Ahh, at last a warm cup of apple cider.

I enjoyed the last cup as I published this post.

What a great day!

Jack-O Lantern Cookie Fun

What are we making?

It is yummy and fun!
Jack O Lantern cookies!

This guy is sad...

Good thing we have lots of extra smiles!

I had so much fun making these shapes! You have to think outside the box and make a few shapes using a sharp knife, thank you for granite counters. I am proud of my icing job, after many years of trying the pipe and fill technique it WORKED! I used about 1 3/4 cup icing sugar with one egg white for the pipe and diluted it with few DROPS of water for the fill. A simple royal icing. The black icing wasn't too bad on the teeth either, that was a nice surprise.

Putting together the faces together was so fun too. We enjoyed these cookies every day for almost a week!

We shared this treat with a friend at the pumpkin maze and he loved it too.

Definitely a do again for next year!

4 months

You are four months old.

Daddy's says it feels like you have always been a part of our family and I can't help but agree.

You sleep all night but refuse to nap during the day.

You LOVE to be outside.

You love to be HELD outside but tolerate the stroller.

You come in each day to Big Brother's school to pick him up. You smile at anyone who smiles at you. (with a small exception of the meter reader guy-he was kinda spooky).

You are up at 5am like clock work.

You can now splash enough water out of your bathtub to completely soak the floor and anyone in a 1 foot radius.

You twist and turn to keep sight of that super hero brother of yours.

You light up when you see your Daddy.

You make smacking noises with your mouth when you see your Mommy.

Everyone comments on your big eyes.

Everyone says how much you look like your Daddy.

I love you so much I whisper that I missed you when I pick you up each morning. My heart rejoices when I snuggle you still so warm snuggled in your fuzzy sleeper as I pick you up out of your crib. You smile your sleepy smile at me and I blink back tears because I love you so much.

You are four months old.

Pumpkin Treat Bags

These are a quick fun craft to make.
We used tissue paper cut into large squares.
Put a few treats in the middle.
Gathered up the edges and secured with green tape.

Ta Da!
A Pumpkin Present!

Halloween Cookies

We are having a great month. This is our favorite cookie recipe-they are really great cookies.
We added orange and black chocolate candies to dress them up for a Halloween.
Gotta love bulk barn!

gummy bears party favors

For a gal pals Birthday. G Bears are her fav.

Gummy Bears are a favorite of mine as well-what is your favorite treat?

Fall Light

There was a cool light coming in through our front room windows the other day.

I caught a quiet moment between Daddy and son.

pumpkin smores a nice guest favor

Here is another sweet treat idea!

Get your pumpkin Peeps ready!

I made individual bags and used the tag below as a bag tag to share with guests. Had to try a few on the assembly line-yummy!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

And my boys even let me dress them in nice Thanksgiving-y colours!

Yes, from the outside we do look quite normal. Read on.

Nice happy family, Pa holding baby awww, so cute.

Look closely- see big brother.

What in the world is he doing??!!

Looks like someone got his head stuck in a frame. Big Brother was not happy.

Frame removal was simple. Good thing we had a Dr. in the house.

Here was my masterpiece!

Seriously, I had been dreaming this up for weeks!

The Chef had to help me with the feet and peppers. Shiny side out!

This is was my kind of bird!


what 2 weeks of casa does....

First a few "ffff's" for Mommy.

(sound, not letter name. That is how they do it in Casa) Then over to show the neighbors!

I am sooooooo proud!