what's your reason?

iT SUMMIT starts Monday.
I present at 11:30-12:30
Basic Blogging 101:
How and Why to Create a
Classroom Blog
in 60 Minutes or Less
This session will focus on the positive outcomes, possible issues and creation and also basic maintenance of creating a simple classroom or school wide blog or edublog. We will take a look at several well functioning existing blogs and go through the basic steps to creating a classroom blog. Participants will leave this session with the knowledge of how to create and maintain a classroom blog.
I have my presentation ready, handouts ready, outfit ready and small snacks for attendees ready. My main theme is how much I love blogging.
What's that? You love blogging too! Great!Part of my presentation will be taking a quick peek at different styles of blogs. Do you have an interesting blog? Well of course you do or you wouldn't be blogging! I have room for a few more blog visits during my presentation time so if you'd like us to visit your blog leave a comment and tell me why we should pop by (we meaning myself and 10-50+ iT SUMMIT conference goers). It is a great way to get some traffic!
And now this goes out to all my readers......I really have no clue how many people stop by my silly little blog but this visit is important because
I really want you to tell me why you love blogging.
Pretty please.
I'd like to share your comments with conference goers so leave where you are from too-I think this will be fun and I'll be sure to stop by your blog and say thanks. No blog? No Problem- I'll thank you right now for your visit and sharing of thoughts.
Until we blog again.......

wish dish

My old school, the school I taught at before I went on maternity leave and then my masters leave, is celebrating their annual spring festival this weekend.

Spring Festival is so fun. They have games, food and my favorite-the silent auction (favorite in part because it is right beside the cake decorating contest! YUM!)

I thought I'd send out a few items for the auction.

Enjoy your new home little Bunnies!
Spring Festival reminds me of Fun Night as a child. Teachers ran games and kids could eat popcorn, candy and have fun playing all the games in the school. I loved going with my brothers and sister. One year my sisters' Miss Piggy Cake won 1st place in the cake contest. When my parents found out they realized that they forgot to take pictures and had to send my brothers back to bid on it in the cake auction so we could win it back. I'm sure it cost a pretty penny but they brought it home and we still laugh at the pictures and the memories.
Do you have a favorite school fundraiser memory?

blueberry boy

Feeling blue? Not us!
I had to snap a few quick pictures when I realized my blue shirted, blue eyed boy was devouring homemade blueberry muffins, blueberry yogurt with a side of fresh blueberries. And I thought I was a pink kind of Mommy! Not now!
Had a great day sharing breakfast with Pa, a quick trip to look at BIG fans (windmills) at Peavy Mart and a short stop at The Village where Mommy picked up a few glass jars to organize her next project.
Next project might need a few product testers. Stay tuned!

recycle fab finds!

Welcome readers for the finally of project #1.
Do you ever take on too many projects?
I know I do! After handing in two final assignments on Monday I decided to let the creative juices flow back into my brain.
Introducing my latest kijiji find.....it was 5 bucks and only about an hour of fixing up.
Well worth it for me because I was getting tired of climbing on the counter in my studio to reach the top shelves! ( I almost broke my neck last week when my foot slipped on potting soil but that's a story for another day!)

Please also note the cutest shoes EVER! They are not quite recycled but a great deal this sassy girl couldn't pass up at only $22 at your closest Wal-Mart. They are perfectly casual and yet sweet enough to wear with a soft flowing summer dress with a slight heal and super comfy material....they are actually destined to be my new summer shoes and I promise to wear them out well!
Ok, one project down only about 10 more to go!
What has you busy these days readers?

purple party and photobox box

I love parties! Today a classmate is celebrating and I will pack up my cupcakes and join in the fun!In the invite I asked everyone to bring something purple and small....just for fun. Tonight they will see that each item will be placed in a photo box for the birthday girl. A fun idea and keepsake.
I am thinking of doing this project each year for my little guy's birthday using an invite and a few little objects from the day. Once he gets old enough we could make them and choose the items that go into the photo box together. Here are frames I did for his first 12 months and I am really glad I did. It was hard to narrow down 4 pictures for each frame and always reminds me how much travelling we did in one year!Here is the photo box. I like the wood plain for this project but the box could be easily painted or stained. I trimmed an invite and used pages from an old book for background, suiting for this smart girl also working hard on her masters! The edges will be filled with object friend bring-I started the box off and glued in a tiny purple porcelain bunny. The headbands are for us to wear tonight.....I made a few extras for those who forgot to wear something purple and they will make great party favors too! Oh and see the sweetest little button ring I whipped up with some hot glue and recycled buttons, a cute gift that fits our purple them just perfect!
Lastly congratulations to ......mlafayette! The first tip-and I still need them!
Shoot me an email so I can get your address and get those pots right to you! (csk133@mail.usask.ca)
I think I might even slip in a button ring to brighten your day too!

GIVE AWAY! Newspaper Pots

I just found this super great "green" pot maker on ETSY at
Besides pots for planting I can think of endless opportunities for this great tool-look out parchment paper, Sassy is about to transform you into art, yummy art filled with cupcakes! OOO, and what about treat cups for parties, I'll have to dig out all that wrapping paper I was waiting to recycle into new projects. That will be later though. After growing season. Right now I have land to till. Seeds to sow. Baskets to weave......Ok, no baskets, but I do have pots to make now!
For now....
The Sprout and I can't wait to grow all sorts of things this summer. We will doing it mostly through Aunty Connie and Uncle Derele's Organic Farm but also wanted to try one or two sprouts at home that we can watch closely. Aunty Connie shared some poppy seeds I can't wait to grow, enjoy, harvest and then eventually bake into yummy muffins.

Maybe I will even make a set of pots to share with one lucky readers!

Just think of all the things you could put in these sweet little pots.

I'll call this giveaway:

"an easy sowing project for April"

Tell me readers......tips for growing (I really need them, I'll take anything!!)

Leave a tip and I'll do a random giveaway for a set of 6 newspaper pots made by myself and my new pot maker. Follow me and I'll put your name in twice!

Winner will be announced on Tuesday!

(don't forget to leave your email in your comment!)

recycled treasures

I have been dreaming up new projects all week. Finishing classes (for this term) is an amazing feeling and I let myself celebrate with a few trips to the local thrift store.

Everything in this photo was under $10 and will keep me busy for weeks! Wait until you see the ideas I have for the cutlery....think spring!

Projects will have to wait until the weekend, 3 assignments are first in line!

flute duet

Flute lesson #1 What's that Mom? Think I am too little to play the flute?

Ha! Guess you didn't know I have been watching the master....

Finally! My turn to make music!

Those baby Suzuki lessons are really paying off......now if only I can master that Lollipop Drum and 6 Little Ducks song...


Last day of classes for term 2 was today! Yippee! The rest of this week will be devoted to 1-25 page proposal paper(just a few tweaks), 1-12 page 4 essay paper for my behavior class I love and last fixes on my literature review for my thesis ( rough draft of intro/abstract and methods DONE!)

After all that work and before spring classes begin I decided to treat my self to a new camera bag. I first tried ETSY but mostly bags are messenger style and I just can't do messenger style-it's the flap, I always get in a flap with the flap. So I took a quick peek on eBay and found jill-e. I chose the red bag inteh corenr so when I ask my dear husband to run and grab my camera so I can catch a quick shot I can say "the one in the RED bag!" I am serious, I put a lot of thought into this bag. The bags are also available locally at Don' s, they have a great selection. Don's (http://www.donsphoto.com/) also has a few classes coming up with Keith-imagery by Keith, the photography classes are great incentive for me to finish up my term papers and have some fun! (they would make a great Mother's Day gift too!) Local bloggers, let me know if you like the classes-we can sip lattes and snap the evenings away!

thank you little bug

Today, April 4th 2010-Today I didn’t do laundry, I didn’t update my blog, I didn’t re-organize a closet or bake a fresh batch of cookies. Today I got my knees dirty, rolled in the grass and took time to enjoy the beautiful life I am so lucky to have. Today I took the time to gather a pile of sticks, find “nice” rocks and even caught on camera my son’s loving smirk which I will cherish forever. Still, I missed something small, but beautiful at the time I snapped this photo…in the rush of life it reminded me to slow down. I wonder what else I have been missing. Little bug, thank you for reminding me slow down.

welcome bundies

My little artist is so proud of his bundies he'll tell you he painted them himself, not bad for an almost 2 year old! I put a few up in my etsy store for fun and think we'll have fun just passing them out for fun this weekend.
Hoppy Easter!