back to school

Love these. Bought 2.
Air tight compartments so your sandwich doesn't taste like your banana.

So cute.

We use them in the summer for snacks on the go. This is a great picnic in a box.

Tupperware makes a smaller version (perfect for toddlers!) that I fell in LOVE with when a super cool Mommy friend pulled it out at the splash park one hot summer day. I have 2 from my wedding shower that I like to pack full of great snacks.

These are perfect for cold lunches and the Mom on the G.O.
I'm back to work AND back to school. Yikes.

dino-mite molds!

Perfect for a rainy day.
The set was $2 for about a dozen molds-good thing it came with the dino names on the box! I'm thinking of giving the dinos a good bath and trying them with fondant-don't you think they'd make great edible cupcake toppers!

ice cream shop

Master ice cream eaters at work.
A great place for a family photos.
I love the look of the floor.
Taking pictures kept me away from the ice cream, thank you camera.

can you find us?

looook closely! what do you see!

Here we are!
In our bean tipi!

The tipi turned out wonderful and....FULL of beans!
It is huge- we both fit inside.
It is the only structure in my whole garden that has held up against all the summer storms including the giant tree (neighbors) that squashed 1/3 of the garden in late June.
I really recommend the tipi to any one, it is super easy to build and grow if you have the space. (we are so thankful for our garden plot just a few houses away) My only tip would be to build your structure STRONG- we used real wood from home depot-my bamboo poles for the peas will be retired this year-nice "green" idea but they were too wimpy., I'm really glad I didn't try to use them for the tipi.
Like beans? Call me!


These sweet buttons will find their way into many projects and are a rare find in my second hand searches.
What ideas and great uses do you have for buttons?


The garden is full of fresh beans, peas and cucumbers!
These 2 boys come with me to visit the garden for about 20 minutes and eat and eat and eat.
The cucumbers are picked off the vine and quickly chomped on and trails of pea shells are ready for compost following these two.

It sure makes me feel good to feed my boys natural and healthy food they love!
Bean tipi update coming soon!

talent night 2010

The waiting was hard......but well worth it!

Hoola hooping masters!
Baton twirlers, speed stacker's, singers, dancers and two very funny hosts!

..and even bike tricks that amazed all! (thank you mini super Dave, now my 2 year old thinks he should stand on the seat of his strider to bike to the park, good thing the ER is only a few blocks away) And what would a party be without swimming, sundaes and face painting!
What a great way to spend an evening with friends.
Miss out this year-get practicing for Talent Night 2011-
I'll do an open call for performers in July!
Thanks for coming and sharing your talents!

farm trip

We had a great time with a few blogging buddies in July.
I love blogging and I love the smart girls I meet.
The gals had directions and carrots ready, all we had to do was tag along for the fun fun day.Feeding bunnies was a hit. The carrots were good enough to eat! Cheerio the horse was kind and quiet. On the way home all my little guy could say was, "Cheerio nice. Cheerios nice horse. I like Cheerio".

The dirt.
He has found dirt.
A trail of dirt now follows us where ever we go.
My bathtub looks like a sandbox at 6:30 pm every evening.

The end.

BINGO! Thrifty Thursday Find!

I can't wait to drill tiny holes in these super cute vintage bingo markers!
I might even use the bingo cards as jewelry cards!
Fun find for $1!

ABC Treasure Hunt

Here is a fun idea for for kiddos made with stickers and 2 craft boxes. Total coast $3.00. I'd love to play this camping with my little guy however.......he'd rather ride bikes, swim, chase bugs, play in the sand or ride more bikes. Maybe when he's 3 we'll try it again!
(I put the letter on the top and inside the box to help with organization)

thrifty thursday find

rick rack
I just like to say it
all this was under $2
hmmm, now I need some ideas of what to use it for!