Wooden Treasures

This is the last of my bowls for now. This has become a favorite outside bowl.
Less than $2 and endless fun.
We've sorted rocks, leaves, sticks, pine cones and let's not talk about the ants. New rule, no sorting ants.
We greet ants, name them watch them. Daddy tries to get rid of them. We greet ants, name them watch them. Daddy tries to get rid of them. Repeat.

reggio bowls

Before baby I had all kinds of time to search for fun things. I found a ton of great wooden bowls and sorting trays for my friends pre-K classroom which is moving toward the Reggio Style I have talked about before.
I found great deals, the only problem will be getting them out of the house. I am starting to understand why Reggio is such a cool concept with young children.

After washing and sanitizing the bowls (buy used, save the difference!)I popped a few rocks in the bowl sorter thingy and had barely put it down before my little guy came over and started picking up the rocks two at a time asking me why his rocks were the same or different. Sure enough he would pick up two rocks and would tell me they were the same because they were two yellow rocks, then he went onto black and grey rocks. A few days later he noticed rocks with striped and rocks with chips or imperfections. The language we used/use is great. He is choosing what to discuss and it really holds his interest. I love the fact I don't have to make up 3 different voices for little people in a pirate ship for a change! (sorry Fisher Price little people, I do love you too!)

Ok, now I need to get a head start on finding another bowl for my friends class and also new natural ideas to offer to switch things up.

It Spins

This is not text book Reggio but it was a big hit at my house. The main highlight being that this is a bowl sorter that spins.
I picked it up at Value Village and it didn't rest in the back of the cart-someone claimed it for his own VERY quickly.
Have I mentioned how I am still amazed at how this simple wooden bowl can hold his attention and draw him back on his own more often than many of his other toys. This bowl is coming on our next camping trip.

First Family Picture! ...and month by month stickers!

Our first Family picture!

(please excuse my chins.....)

My heart is bursting with how much I love my new little boy. He is just as perfect as his big brother. He sleeps great, eats well and is happiest being held. He sings and coos and only cries if hungry or wet. I can't hold and snuggle him near enough. His big brother has discovered that the nursery TV has Treehouse and now keeps me/us company unless he is swimming with Daddy.

Boy I feel lucky.

(I don't know how I let my hubby look like this at work all day-he is just about as cute as our newest family member!)

I HAD to order these! HERE
ETSY is the best-can you believe that some one makes these! So smart!
How sweet! I can't wait to use them-look's like I need to stock up on white onsies from Carter's....hope a US trip is in the plans! Carter's is my favorite baby store-that is how my wonderful husband lures me to go with him on business trips! Big brother has been to Vegas 3 times- whatcha doing in August new baby, like bright lights?

children's festival 2011

We found a great deal, entrance to the park, pancake breakfast and a show for 4, for only $30. Daddy had to go into work at the last minute so we invited Pa. The show was great-Splash n'Boots put on a fantastic show. We'll be watching for them on Treehouse just like Bob's and Lolo we saw 2 years ago.

oh and the number 3........guess who HAD to sit on the number 3.....being 3 apparently gives you rights to anything with said corresponding number :)

Happy Father's Day!

2 amazing Dad's I know........


We are home. I slept in my own bed last night, well, slept a little.

27 hours in hospital was long enough.

My boys.

Me and my boys.

Me and my boys.

I sure like the sound of that.

(Uncle Derele-you will need more tractors at the farm.

Uncle Bill-we will need more awesome wooden trucks and cars and toys.

Uncle Toddy-stock up on baseballs, footballs. lacrosse stuff and sport court lessons!

Uncle Doran-more chicken BBQ chicken legs!)

How to build a nest.

don't try gathering sticks at the farm for an hour with the help of your favorite uncle, Dad and son. Go to a craft store and buy 2-3 wreaths. Nest building is MUCH harder than it looks-those birds are very smart. Trust me, I spend many many hours in May and June with burlap, forms, glue guns and real sticks before I figured this out. I would have made a horrible bird.

Next find a nice neutral blanket. $5 at liq world. It is a snuggly too, the blanket with arms. Love it. Didn't need to knit it.
Feathers are optional. I am not sure if they will stay.

Now all I need is.......(I am pre-posting this so I have no idea who will be in this sweet little nest!)


Fletcher Pike F.
8 lbs 1 ounce, 21 inches
born at 12:48 June 16

***Stay tuned for pictures***

nest building.......

Today is the day I should be welcoming our newest family member.
The caterpillars are fine my caterpillar sitter tells me. (thanks Dad)
I couldn't wait to blog about this.
I'll post tomorrow on how I put it together after many attempts!

day 7

Our latest and favorite book.
Very scientific.
We are working on naming the parts of the butterfly.
Not bad for a 3 year old.
We are loving the anticipation!

oh baby baby (hats)

I have a great friend with an amazing sister. She sews and knits. She MADE me these hats. MADE. I love them. I love my friend for having an amazing sister.
My sister is amazing too but she likes arts and crafts about as much as I like sports. :)

I think there is about the same chance of me learning to play baseball as there is to me ever being able to knit a hat like these.
Sisters are great-they can always do things you can only dream of.
Sisters are great.

day 6

Caterpillars ares till munching so we are a crafting......
Our little friends are getting big and fat!

healthy check up

You had your healthy check up this week.
You are 106 cm and 38.5 LBS. Apparently you are off the charts-but his I already knew as you wear mostly size 5 clothing, six in PJ's. (good to know I am not just shrinking everything in the dryer!)
You told Dr.F your favorite foods were broccoli and carrots (I had to tell her this wasn't rehearsed, it was actually true! It was even what you asked for lunch)
You chose a Cars sticker.
You lay down like a champ and giggled when she listened to your heart.
You were reluctant to let her look in your ears until she said she was looking for potatoes-this broke the ice and you relaxed.
She asked if you brushed your teeth, you answered yes.
She asked if you had been to the dentist and you answered no.
She said it is time to visit the dentist-just to get in the habit. Good to know.
I tattled and told her how much milk you drink in a day 2 litres plus-she said not to worry but to try to cut down.
You cheered, with arms up and all, when she asked if you were going to be a big brother soon.
The visit was exhausting for you. You fell fast asleep in the Jeep on the way home.
This week you also had a play date with this sweet friend. Here you guys are just last summer. You two played for an hour in the sand at wonderful park by our house. I think we Mommies will have to make June annual photo shoot month for you two sweeties.

day 4 butterfly art

He doesn't love art. He loves to be outside. He loves to chase. He loves swords. He loves bugs.
But...............he did colour a few butterflies for his Mommy.

Caterpillars are not the only ones growing!

This is me. Ugg.
I am feeling pretty good, I love the fact I can still wear shoes! Looking forward ot being a little lighter on my feet though!

day 3 bowls and bugs

Bugs and bowls.
I picked up these bowls (thank you Value Village) with my girlfriend in mind for her Reggio Emilia Approach classroom. I have 10. I hope a few of them still make it there. They are a big hit for sorting and stacking. I purchased them secondhand and was a little worried about sanitizing but apparently soap and water does the trick.
The bugs were second hand too but hey had a bath in the dishwasher.
Less than a week until baby arrives. Glad to be busy.

day 2

The caterpillars are a huge hit in our house. We read the very hungry caterpillar every night. I love it.
I spent $2 on magnifying glasses and they have provided hours of entertainment both inside and out. Dollarama people, a girls best friend.

special arrival! day 1

We had some friends join us today. 20 to be exact. We are off to INDIGO to spend a birthday gift card on books about butterflies! Any suggestions?

Bean Tipi 2011

Tipi time is here again.
If the weather stays warm it should be a good crop.
We ate EVERY SINGLE bean last year. 95% of them in the afternoon. I weeded/watered my little helper snacked and snacked.
Hope my new seed loves beans. 10 DAYS TO GO. 10.
Beautiful life.

what a party!

More details coming......
Thank you so much for celebrating with us!