snow, mmmm!

I think we'll be doing the melt a jar of snow science experiment this week.

baby on the brain

With big brother moving into a big boy bed and new room so smoothly I find myself dreaming of what to do with the nursery.

I like things pretty plain but there are two huge frames with newborn images of big brother that need to be swapped out for the little bundle on the way.

I played with fonts, a favorite past time, and came up with this attempt at word art I think I'll enlarge for one frame.

Simple fun for $12 for a 16X20 at COSTCO.

Next up......sewing new sheets for the crib!

big boy bed

My husband told me to take the picture above the first time I lay our son into his crib. I thought he was crazy. I would have my baby forever right?
This week I took a new picture.

I have no idea how my tiny little baby grew up into such a big boy.
It happened so quick my heart aches to hold onto each second right now.
I really love being a Mom.

walk walk walk...skate skate skate.......

It was a beautiful day.
I would still have enjoyed the beach more but a day with these two boys keeps me warm any where.
On the way out for lunch after skating lessons from daddy my little skater in training asked for carrots.
Carrots before fast food.....he's my boy!

Happy Valentine's!

We had fun putting together this idea in August! I had to take the pictures in summer, right now you wouldn't even be able to see Mr Zebra's nose there is so much snow! The pictures bring back happy memories of me running along side the carousel ignoring the looks of other parents and my own husband.
It was also a good activity for categorizing animals, we sorted through many packages of farm friends and dinosaurs choosing just the right "WILD ANIMAL FRIENDS" to glue on. Quite a few "animal friends" have also landed in our permanent collection that now travel with us to swimming lessons, play dates and bedtime.

This activity was great for this little 2 year old and he took great pride in naming each animal as he handed them out to friends and family this week.

Hope your week is filled with love!

my kind of chocolates

We have had a super time practising shapes, colours and sorting with this great puzzle. I picked mine up Teachers Trunk for less than $20.
I know it will get used year after year regardless of the season.
It is a perfect gift for a 2-4 or a great -30 indoor activity to do.
(I scented mine slightly with a little vanilla extract......just a touch, too much would make the plastic sticky/too temping to lick!)

my husband won't eat my cream puffs

The puffs were easy to make, less than 30 minutes.
I can see so many possibilities for these pop in your mouth yummy treats. Think fresh chocolate whipped cream, pink strawberry whipped cream maybe even a little caramel drizzle here or there!
After dinner last week I placed my French-ish platter on the table to less than enthusiastic results. It was a tough crowd. It seems the two boys in my life prefer a "brownie" or "big cookie" over my dainty little puffs with fresh whip.
I'm tough.
More for me.
Here is the super easy recipe found here.

-40 something and our new word

While wandering to halls of Wal+mart we came across a good -40 activity to do.
We welcomed Snap, Krackle and Pop into our home for the first time! It was very exciting to make a new recipe. I think I heard the word recipe over 100 times in the 10 minutes it took to whip up this easy treat.

Not exactly fine cuisine but a super fun activity that this chef took very seriously!

I like that the treats took only a few minutes so I could get back to standing in front of our fireplace to keep warm.

*note to self, ask the girls for a better idea for a stool!
I had no idea until I downloaded the pics for a closer look!