family talent night

Hey local friends this is where you RSVP.
You can sign up your act upon arrival and the show will start promptly at 6pm.
If it is raining or snowing the show cannot go on so let's hope for great weather!
I might be crazy but I think this will be fun! Parents are more than welcome to sign up for acts too!
On with the show!

boy oh boy




and boats!

A great day with my sis and her kiddos. She forgot her camera and didn't complain once about all the pics I was snapping, perfect day!
(ps- this is my NEW secret playground pool. We were there for 2 HOURS and had the WHOLE pool to ourselves 2 days this week. There is shade, sun, sprinkler fountain things that the kids are encouraged to play with and plenty of benches to store stuff on because everyone else is at Kinsmen Park with the other 300+ toddlers in the city. If you can't find me this summer this is where I'm hiding!)

thrifty thursday find

So much work and love went into these I had to give them a loving home to be displayed. A dollar each seemed sad when I think about the hours that went into each creation.

This is the one that caught my eye. I think it was a sign.

sunny's (our yellow VW) first trip

we drove

we canoed

we played

we played

we waited with anticipation to try new things we didn't want to leave

This was our first camping trip as a family. It was short but so fun. Sunny the bus was a delight to travel in even though the leaking gas was a little smelly. That is fixed now and the gas gage works too-Southern California look out!

summer strawberries

This was a great way to spend $9.00.
I think one little boy ate fit more in his tummy than his basket.
(green tops and all!)

thank you self timer

I took this great shot, yup, me and my trusty self timer.
People laughed, people stared, people wondered if I was crazy running back and forth to my towel laying on my tummy army style before leaping up and dashing to ( but not into!) the lake to make it into the shot crouching down with a large smile while trying not to look out of completely breath.
I did it 3 times and BINGO, a great family shot that captured the way we spent the day........together.
Here are the other 2 shots. The kiss WAS NOT pre-planned. That's my McDreamy for you, yeah, he's sweet like that, sorry. I like how the king of the castle is ignoring us. He quite often chimes in "Play that game, play that game too!" if he ever feels we are getting too romantic with out him. I think its sweet.

Well, the crazy girl in the purple dress at the beach today may still be crazy
but she has a few family shots that melt her heart and captured he love for her boys.
Any other good self timer stories out there?

thrity thursday finds

I love boxes.
These were a great find at $3.99 and $1.99.
I use one for jewelry or one for cupcake supplies......
They would be good for organizing coins for a family trip.....
Toy cars would fit well......
Maybe photos of our first summer with Sunny and hide them in a camper secret spot...
What would you fill these boxes with?

pool slide

This is the picture I saw looking out the office window one morning as wonderful my husband made some time for me to work on my thesis.My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to rush outside and put pillows allover the concrete. The little one is only 2.2 years old!

Then I saw the smile..... two smiles.....

And I heard giggles.....two giggles.....

And my heart smiled......all day long.

(anyone know where I can buy water proof pillows?)

farm adventure 2010

What a treat to visit a real farm.
(complete with real farmers!)
Our own Aunty and Uncle.
We "robbed" potatoes, picked perfect peas, raved about the red raspberries, oogled over fresh red and white onions, loaded up on fresh organic lettuce snuck some delicious dill and so much more!feet in.....feet out.......lazy summer day swinging lessons with Pa.
Notice how the swing is the perfect height, that's Uncle D for you.

The boy's chatting by the barn.

Some silly little boy trying to go through the cat door.

Auntie's poppies-my favorite!

I love this shot, it really captured the feeling of the day.

My little farmer in training takes direction from the Master Farmer.
How lucky we are for all the freedom, fresh air and family we have!

the look of love.....

My gift to the happy couple, a few snaps to remember the day
(and there's a whole CD full of more pictures for you)
Happy one week anniversary love-birds!

lettuce update

It looks great.
It tastes great.
I have a two year old who loves lettuce because he picks it and eats it all by himself.
I have even remembered to re-seed every 2 weeks.
I wish I could do this all year long.