last day of school swim

It was the last day of pre-school......
 And the weather finally warmed up!
Jump in if you love summer!

 What a great day!

Farm Party 1st Birthday

It was a great day to be One! 
 Cake ball apples-fondant make making leaves and stems quick and easy!
Horse cookies were just my favorite sugar cookie recipe with icing.  These were fun to make too!
 Tractor tire donuts! Mmmm!
Piggy cupcakes in the barn!
 Here is my little piggy!

 I loved the farm theme although there were just too many ideas to do!
I can't wait until you tell me how you would like to celebrate your special day!

Super Hero 4th birthday part 2!

Here are some more of the party pics.
Looking back at the pictures reminds me of how fun it was and what great sports all the kids and parents were even though it rained.

 The pinata~ I couldn't decide how to do the black webs-it hit me at 11pm the night before.  I used a giant permanent marker, it took me 30 seconds.  Too bad it took me 2 weeks to figure out!
Note: shorter stick for next year....

 Radio active spider cookies!
 Make a spider at the craft table.
I also had red and blue beads for making necklaces.  So fun!
 brrr outside - inside the water was warm
 My little spider-dude!

 I had to post my new coffee maker- $3 at a garage sale and it works great!  I love having a hot beverage to drink!
Thank you cards are done. Now it is time to start planning next year! (ha! Joking!)

super hero party (part 1) the training

Super Hero Training.... enter here!
 Cookies and capes were ready at the best gymnastics place in town!
I bluffed the cape pattern with a special no tie fasten loop for around the neck.  I like it because the super heroes can easily put them on and take them off.  I made 20 and it only took me a few nights. I cut out the capes one night, pinned another night and sewed them up over two more nights.  I have a cheap Wal-mart machine that I really need to upgrade.  It needed to be serviced twice......luckily the service was free and my machine got a little extra TLC.  Turns out my wonderful husband fixed my sewing machine fixer. 
The cookies, they were super fun to make and easy too! Sorry Williams Sonoma,  your super hero cookie cutters were not worth the big pink dollar bill I had to part with or the head aches.  I used an Easter egg shaped cookie cutter that I picked up at Superstore a few years ago for a loonie.  The eyes were leaf shaped cookie cutters made with fondant.  Seriously easy and fun to make!
 Big Brothers birthday....what a great day. 
 16 little super heroes all perfectly behaved
 in serious super hero training!
We had the best superhero trainers in the world!

 The Super heros ran and ran.....
 ...and played...
 ...and jumped...
 stopped quickly to eat a cupcake

 Grab a treat bag.....
 And then back to training!
 A magical day! (and this was just the training!)

baby brother is one!

Today you are one year old.
I really wanted to spend the day doing things you like.
Like spending time with your big brother.

 Riding the train with your Daddy.

 Chilling out riding in your new birthday bike while sipping ice cold water.
 You ate as much watermelon as you pleased today. 
It is your new favorite food.
 You also have a new favorite ride, it is the wild pink elephant ride.
 You spent time playing/drinking at the water table.
You fell asleep today in my arms this afternoon.  I held you for over an hour just because I could.  One year ago today I held you in my arms for the first time the same way, only you were much much smaller.  I remember your sweet little lips and your warm little hands.  My love for you made me cry and smile at the same time.
And now you are One.
You love to laugh at your brothers crazy tricks.  You want to do EVERYTHING he does. 
You wake up at 6am and sometimes Daddy can get you to sleep a little longer but most of the time he gets up with you and you two start the day together with a shower and food. 
You love fruit for breakfast. Watermelon is your favorite but you also like strawberries, blueberries and grapes.  Your big brother feeds you honey berries from the backyard and you gobble them up even though they are very sour.  You also like going to Denny's for breakfast. You flirt with all the girls and eat a full piece of toast cut into strips.  You sit so nicely and eat so well whenever we go out to eat.
You love going inside Big Brothers school when we drop him off and pick him up.  You smile and wave at the kids and Mommies.  Big Brother always has a hug and kiss for you before we leave. 
You love to eat spiral noodles(whole wheat!) for lunch, we call them springs.  In the afternoon we try to go to the park where you enjoy the swing the best.  You also like sitting on the grass and eating as many sticks as you can get into your mouth before Mommy sees.
You can sign eat, drink, milk, more and all done.  We are working on potty, water and pointing. 
Yes, the potty.  You are amazing at letting us know when you need to use the potty.  If you are cranky it usually means you have to go.  You sit a few times a day very happily on the potty with a few books. Hey, it may not last but one less diaper for the landfill is one less diaper. Mommy will ride that train. 
You love to play with Pa.  You two spend Thursday afternoons together while Mommy and Big Brother go to piano lessons.  Pa has taught you to play a toy flute.  It is quite funny to hear the two of you play flutes.  That is a post for another day.
You are not a great napper and do not sleep throughout the night consistently.  In your defense you have had a few colds, coughs, fevers and more runny nose days than I can count.  
Still you smile.  And smile.  I love your smile, it warms my heart and soul.
Everyone still comments on your big blue eyes.
You wear 18-24month clothes and weight just about 30 lbs.  You are bursting out of your bucket seat.
You love riding in shopping carts.  You love the waterfall at Cabela's.  You love swimming, showers and baths.  You crawl backwards but not too far forwards. You stand holding onto things but not by yourself quite yet.
You have 6 teeth but eat like you have 20.
You hug and kiss and charm like your Daddy.
You are loved so much.  So much.
You are One!