hello little bundies

We had fun glazing these little "bundies" today.
I know one little boy who does not like to be the only one without a paint brush! One minute he was happily collecting pine cones just steps from the doors of studio 13
and the next he was demanding to paint bundies with Mommy. I couldn't ask for more, it makes me so happy he loves artsy projects!

Here are the the 1st batch of our bundies, the tallest barely 2 inches and made from a great porcelain clay that fires so fresh and white we only used a dab of pink for the nose and clear glazed the rest of the body. (except for one bundie,a special friend which will fire orchid purple)

Check back in a day or two for the finished product.

I might just hop one or two bundies into my etsy store, wouldn't they be adorable in story pots like these that Amy @ inspire.co made! They are on my to do list for spring!

collage maker

This was so fun!

A perfect way to

You can try yours here!

I used pictures from a quick trip to Dairy Queen and to the park that we snuck in on Saturday. It was so great to have family time-just family-just fun. My boys make me smile in so many ways.......The Sprout sums it up in one word.....love, melts my heart every time when he says it!


I think they would make great bean bags too!
This idea gives me a great idea for a photo shoot!
I checked out felt at fabricland, $8 a metre, not bad.
I think a peep baby shower would be a sweet idea to welcome a spring baby. Chocolate dipped peeps, peeps and strawberries, peeps on cupcakes.....mmmmm!


I logged on with 6 minutes to spare and found this treasure on ebay today for $10!
The photo is as big as I could get it, it is sesame street finger puppet molds-I can't wait to try them!
Well The Sprout loves 2 things......
1. His Pa.
2. Playdoh.
Playdoh is my secret word I use when we need to get out of sticky situations. Example, Pa is leaving our house, The Sprout is inconsolable until I mention those magic words...playdoh. Poof-he is crawling up onto his chair quicker than Pa can back out of the driveway! Our playdoh collection is growing, the heart cookie cutter is favorite right now and we are working on making snakes.
Looks like playdoh will be theme for this years birthday bash.....any great ideas for me?


so cool, these fancy images on the cupcakes are called ticings.
They are like stickers for cupcakes!
(two of my favorite things!)
After visiting with my Dad at breakfast this morning he silently watched me get pack up the Sprout to get him ready for music class this morning. My Dad quietly asked, 'you don't really think you'd have as much fun with a little girl do you?' My response was quick and smooth, "No, of course not Dad. I much prefer to standing in the freezing cold watching cranes to baking cookies and playing tea party, I love having to stop and park at each construction site with in a 30 km radius of our home instead of scouring malls for the perfect pair of pink shoes. I crave chasing down Bob the Builder and 4 square DVD's and any other discontinued paraphernalia on eBay for my son who calls out for "Bob" in the middle of the night. I love having dinosaurs stomp on perfectly iced cupcakes, monsters mash my intricately iced cookies and watch my son draw mustaches on the family portrait of stick men we just completed on his chalkboard." As quick as the words flowed, I smiled, I blinked away a tear and I hugged my little boy even closer. I have no idea when or how it happened, it was true, all of it. I may fall behind on the best dressed toddler, but I can tell you we have 4 cranes in a 5 block radius of our house, 2 blue, 2 orange and one yellow. I can now tell a fork lift from a bulldozer and am contemplating getting my own hard hat. I care a little less about how my cupcakes look and more about how they taste. I own a new pair of rubber boots and am proud to be seen splashing in puddles with my son. I really do love it.

new look

Spring is in the air and so is a new look for sweet sassy studio!
I've been quite busy with school, wife-ly and mommy duties and felt a little re-organizing was due. A super cool gal at design girl helped me out with the re-do, check out her site on the side bar-she's great! See you soon!
(I'm off to class! UUhg!)

research day

Saturday is Research Day.

Students must present on their topics.

My poster is unique.

We were told the elements to include, our name, department, topic, research question and where we were at in our progress. I am still engulfed in classes and assignments. My research hasn't left my home office/u tube 4 square watching station. In fact, my research actually falls on me once in a while.

I have 50+ sources for my literature review but it needs much editing and probably the addition of about 20 more sources. I chose not to include that in my poster. Instead I made water bottle wraps with my progress to date and worked on revising my literature review.

The water bottle wraps are fun, they match my poster.

Better run, my research is sliding.....


Those of you who know me well know I love deals a much as I like good quality and craftsmanship.

I use coupons every chance I get, I plan on using one tomorrow as I purchase spray glue at Michael's and I am counting down the days until I can use my 30% off total purchase coupon at the GAP to outfit The Sprout for summer/spring. My list is made ( 2 hoodies, 6 t-shirts, 1 pair of khaki longs pant/capris, 3 pairs of shorts ( 1 jean, 2 khaki or plaid), one pair of sandals and socks, socks, socks.) I am good at not impulse buying The Sprout clothes out of season and this makes me really look forward to a big 30% off sale. I only do this 2 times year, spring/summer and fall/winter with the odd sock run or an emergency outfit in between.
Oh, how I love a good deal!
Now for the big one.http://save.ca/home. Kate, you will really love this. Visit the site, click on the coupons you want and 1 week later they appear in your mailbox. The great thing is they are biggies too-$1 - 4 off the items I chose. I'll let you know after grocery shopping on Saturday if they were accepted because this deal seems very good.
Have your tried save.ca?
What is your favorite deal?

life....under construction

5 assignments due Monday, husband away and 3 birthdays to attend (2 of which I am hosting on Sunday) and a toddler I have to draaag out of puddles all weekend.
Deep breath......BIG slurp of tea!
Only 2.5 assignments left as of Saturday at 7pm, I can do 2 partial reports and make supper for 14 in 36 hours right? Sure I can!The Sprout and I took time to visit with his little buddy Owen and friends at his 2nd birthday party today. It was a great time, I love chatting with other Mommies, especially ones with sweet little Baby Dolls named Lucy and are blog buddies!
I attempted to find a suitable wrapping paper or bag for boy, tricky tricky. Above was my creative attempt to disguise TONKA trucks.....ideally pulling the bow would have unravelled the gift like a ball of yarn but the tape was too sticky for its own good. Thanks goodness for a few fellow unwrapper-helpers aged 4 and 6 who had a great time ripping off the tape bit by bit! Note to self-keep eye out for boyish wrapping paper and ditch the tape idea unless using it to accent.

...life....parties.....school......under construction!

What is under construction in your world right now?

about me

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher and even a little bit of an artist sometimes.

I am a soft hearted gal who likes to try new things. Project is my favorite word!

Family is important to me and they always come first.

I love meeting new people and making new friends. Each day is an adventure!

studio 13

Welcome to studio 13!

My studio is always like my life, a masterpiece in progress!
I always have at least a few projects on the go.
From clay hand building to glass fusion-if it involves a kiln count me in!
Need inspiration? Have some to share? Keep on your shoes and come inside studio 13, how would you like your tea?!

these are the moments......

I will treasure forever......

Stomping in the giant and deeep puddle at the end of our drive way. For days we have stomped until we are soaked. Smiled, laughed about it and hung our boots upside down to dry so we can do it all over again the next day.

Reasons to try Puddling Stomping:

1. It's free.

2. For fresh air.

3. Vitamin D.

4. Good exercise

5. Family bonding.

6. Language building skills. (words the Spout now says are puddle, deep, big, icy, cars, out, in, hop, boots, bus and done)

7. Road safety teachable moment.

8. For the memory of spending a few moments (or hours like us!) where nothing else matters. Dinner will get made, the laundry will eventually get put away but the puddle will only be there so long. (and my little boy will only be little so long too!) These are the moments I will cherish forever.

What family activity do you love?

Saucy's Spa Cookies

I had a few minutes this weekend to whip up Saucy's Best Ever Spa Cookies (you can find her on my sidebar-bloggety blog blog!). They were so good I ate the 1st batch and a made another to share with classmates on Monday. These cookies are my weakness and are great to munch along on as I read about the benefits of cayenne pepper in my new holistic health book.
In addition to baking this weekend I finished a poster on photoshop for our college research day on the 20th. It feels good to get one more project finished but reminds me about the work I need to do on my thesis...yikes. Instead of editing literature review I designed cute little hang tags for the cookies-note the recipe on the back for easy reference. Wouldn't this make a great party favor! Speaking of parties must get back to work-2 birthdays in this family in March! (they will be combined parties this year due to my classes, I'll share the theme soon. I'm off to my night class!)

sunny days.....

...sweeping the clouds away!
And the clouds were swept away as the Sprout and I helped our little buddy Noah celebrate his 1st birthday on a beautiful March day.
Thanks to Target we filled up a bucket of Sesame Style Fun
(love that place) and thanks also to google images (for ideas of cookie monster cupcakes we whipped up). We had so much fun celebrating Sesame Street Style. What a great theme for a 1st birthday. That Aunty Lillie is one smart cookie!
Thanks for the party!

Old Navy Super Modelquin Super Search

This is so fun-you have got to try it!

...let's put Sk on the map!

I bumped into Saucy today at tried to explain this-it's just fun!

If I get all my work done this weekend maybe I'll make a Sassy-quin!

Nana is doing well. She is eating and already wanting to go home.

resilient buns...

This was a fun idea I'd do again to share a message.
To perk up my presentation on resilience I added an example of my resilience with break making, a journey that has been hard but yummy. I popped a few stickers with quotes on themes that had to do with resilience that turned plain old cinnamon buns into inspirational messages of goodness. The clear stickers worked well on the cling wrap and the long stickers made for nice word wraps. I think my class approved, everyone gobbled them up.

Nana is going in for yet another "tune up" on Thursday-this time for a new voice box. Please keep her in your thoughts and pray for no pain, inner strength for Nana, well rested surgeons and staff and a quick recovery.


Have you ever had "one of those days?" that turns into a week which turns into a month......

That's me right now. Ugg. I've backed off blogging in fear of offending anyone, crossing any lines, letting someone down or just plain old sounding wine-y.

I am up to my neck in school work-anyone want to be assessed through a 2.5 hour+ standardized cognitive assessment? Let me know. I have one more left to do.

So Disney pics are still to come as are a few other projects I am working on for good friends including invites for a 60th birthday and cup cakes for a sesame street themed party.

Let's talk resilience. I just finished a paper about resilience and will present a 1.5 hour presentation on it tomorrow at 1pm. The cinnamon buns are rising as I blog this right now, what better way to concretely demonstrate my personal resiliency with bread making.

What about you. Can you share your thoughts or an example of how you would demonstrate resiliency?