American Girl Scrabble Tiles and My Latest Love Affair

I whipped these tiles up for Loopy (cousin Saucy's daughter) who loves American Girl. I have to drill the holes to make them into charms with my new dremel that Yoda bought just for me. I've considered setting a place a the table for my dremel I like it so much! That Yoda knows the way to a gals heart! I'm hoping to get some new tiny drill bits or some sanding blocks from dollar-rama in my stocking if I behave!

The organization of this dremel makes me want to hold it extra tight on those cold lonely nights when McDreamy gets called in! Each drill bit has its own special place! If you don't have one of these come try mine and you'll fall in love too!

Charming Party

My bags are packed and I'm ready to charm! The party starts at noon but I must get there early to set up. Here are a few of my contributions for the gals. A big THANKS to Cousin Saucy who was my partner in crime for this party. I love charming with The Master! I'll post final pics with of the day so keep watching!
These are my TOP SECRET charms. I scented and named the cupcakes vanilla Christmas Fluff and cinnamon swirl! The Gingerbread man's buttons are crystals!

Girls Girls Girls

Here a few shots of The Charmer (Our Sprout!) and his friends at Pa's Restaurtant. These girls just looove The Sprout and he just loooves them!

Boys Boys Boys

The Sprout and I had a great visit the other day with a few of our good friends. We indulged in a session of baby massage that was enjoyed by all......just look at those relaxed baby faces! A big thanks to Cari from Arbonne who supplied the wonderful products all plant based and super safe for baby. If you want any Arbonne info just leave me a message and I can hook you up with info or product. Arbonne is all I have ever used on The Sprout and he is still diaper rash free, yup, 6 months and never a cry over a sore tushy! I just loooove that stuff! Here is photo of the diaper rash cream I have never had to use. Cari was so sweet to stock us up on more sunscreen for next summer by the pool too. My favorites are the baby wash, the oil for massage and the baby lotion. One bottle of each has lasted us 6+ months.
I just love this picture of the boys and their Mommies! These are my workout gals! Monday - Thursday we sweat and on Friday's we sip tea at our secret shop, sleep and eat Mommy hangout (Dutch Growers).

The Gingerbread House Off!


The Chef came over with his family to compete in the first annual Gingerbread House Off!

I still have some finishing touches to do on the Pink House. I really learned a lot from this experience! We had a great time glueing and eating and making plans for next years event! Thanks Chef!

Gretel decorated the gingerbread men!


Big News!

Can you guess why The Sprout needs these items?

(Mommy is VERY excited!)

Please share your favorite teething tip!

1/2 of a Party!

The Sprout is 6 months old! Party Time!


1/2 sticks of celery, carrots and mini cucumbers in 1/2 calorie creamy dill dip
(I love the presentation on these...double dip away in YOUR OWN CUP!)


1/2 steak
1/2 crab stuffed salmon
roasted 1/2 potatoes and carrots
1/2 cob of corn
1/2 a serving of asparagus

Cheesecake - we don't mess with dessert in this house!

1/2 glass of wine or sparkling juice (refills free)

assortment of coffees and teas

Nana won $5 for being 1st to decipher the code. Don't forget to pay up McDreamy!

What a great party! After dinner Daddy treated us to slide show of the first 100 pictures of Foster's life put to music, I think it is that Beatles song...Beautiful Beautiful Boy.
The Sprout loved his party.......and even warmed up to Uncle Toddy by the end (a little). Don't worry Uncle Toddy take us in your boat and you'll win us over!

Santa Baby

My wonderful cousin Saucy ALWAYS has great ideas. Saucy can ALWAYS do anything she sets her mind to. The new and latest thing I now admire most about my dear cousin Saucy is that Saucy ALWAYS knows when to ask for help. I'll give you the details. Saucy spies a great knitted item. Saucy does not know how to knit this item and so Saucy asks her fellow bloggers to help her out with a proposed swap. Many responses. Not a wasted second. Brilliant brilliant Saucy.

Today is a great example of why some projects should be left to the experts.
I am trying to think of a creative family Christmas Picture that can actively involve all 3 kids with different capabilities. I decide that funny family winter toques would be fun. I dust off my nifty knitter and pack up the Sprout and off we go to stock up on hat yarn. Good thing I kept those instructions for the nifty knitter!

This is only a small sampling of what we purchased.....for some reason I thought it would take at least 2 balls per hat.

My nemesis in blue...

The Masterpiece!The Sprout loves his new hat! He thinks he looks fantastic so please don't tell him any different! I think he is smiling because I sat on the floor beside him chatting away all day making this work of art. The next time I see a Grandmother selling knitted items at a flea market I think I just might get down on my knees and bow at her feet! A good lesson learned today, you will ALWAYS be the master Saucy!

Baby Spa

You are invited to a Mommy and Baby spa! Come on over and relax for an hour! Have you ever tried Baby Massage with your baby? Sassy and the Sprout just looove it! They took a class in the Fall and really want to spread the relax-y feeling! Babies will have the opportunity for a relaxing and naturally calming massage ( by you Mom) and then Moms can relax with complimentary sampling of scrubs, lotions and more!
Come on over to visit Sassy and The Sprout would love to see you before busy December comes along!
RSVP here if you can make it!

Introducing .......NANA!

Sure and sweet...just like the lady herself.
She has always been a great Mom but since the arrival of my first precious baby this past May I now see her through in a different light, through the eyes of my son. Therefore, this Mother of four, Aunt of many and Grandmother of 8 will always be known in my home and in my heart as Nana.

Thanks to everyone for your creative input and thanks to Nana for your great sense of humour.

Remembrance Day

Today is a day for remembrance. I think it is very important to be thankful for the wonderful country we live in and for those who work so hard to keep us safe. I don't like war and I don't like fighting but I am proud to have two family members who stand strong and proud among those who work hardest for our freedom.

Today I say thank you to my Grandfather Moffat Anderson and to my cousin Adam Kinakin and to all others who keep and have kept our country safe.

Beans Birthday

I have two wonderful nieces. One niece I call Beans, why, I do not know. The poor thing. Its sad how nick names stick, usually only the ones you don't like! I think it started when she was first born, tiny as a bean but even I can't remember.

Beans loved McDReamy's Birthday Bash so much she too wanted her party at Yoda's restaurant too. Gracious Yoda said of course (and her Dad said OK too!) and the planning began.

The first part was easy, girls and lunch go together like charms and bracelets so........... a private table for us please!

Next the main event. Christmas Toggles. You may recall a special Halloween Toggle party that Saucy and I dreamt up this past October. Beans and had such a great time she thought a few of her gal pals would also enjoy a toggle-rific party. So I snatched a few ideas I have been working on for the Big Toggle Party and Swap later this month and presto - toggles in a bag for pre-teen gals. How Fun! Here are a few pictures of our process and final products!