party secrets final update

Scrap Fabric & Chalkboard Banners
I spied these banners on etsy ages ago. I used chalk board oil cloth so that I can wipe it off and use it again and again. This project took less than an hour. If you can zig zag you can do it!

This one was easy, I just had to keep my eyes peeled for sales and pails.
I whipped these up during nap time today. Unfortunately the popper woke my little prince up after only an hour into his usual 2-2.5 hour sleep. The treats were made so he helped me clean up the floor. Super quick and tasty, good thing I made extra, I've already eaten my weight in candy corn!

Water Bottles
Simple, easy and a good way to keep track of your drink!
The count down is on. Thank goodness Aunt Saucy is making the cupcakes! It's one less thing to have to think about while I try to re-plan the party as an inside party thanks to the snow forecast. I wonder if my guests will be brave enough to swim in the snow!

Party Secret #5

A Personalized Playdoh Mat
This party game winner is actually the original work of my wonderful and talented husband. One of the many reasons I love him more each day.
He made a mat of similar design for our wedding, it gives guests something to do and doodle on during waits for supper and cake-I kept every one and will forever.
This mat is Foster's 1st. The idea came from my good buddy JL, most of the specifics from me but the design and actual brains of the operation was 100% from my husband. Foster loves teeth, he will adore making sharp teeth and dull for this dinosaur from playdoh!
Kids at the party will range in ages from 1-9 years old. This mat has a little something for everyone, I can't wait to see the kids try the activities.

What a lucky little boy to have such a creative Daddy!

Party Secret #4

Special Day

Special Shirts!

The pieces for this project fell into line like it was a fashion statement meant to be!
First a coupon in the mail for 50% off of T-shirt transfers.
Second, a sale for 40% off of already reduced t-shirts in four perfect sizes.
( the sale was a tthe GAP amonth ago, the most I paid was $3.50 and that was for the smallest shirt! I also found one shirt at M's for $3.25)
Third, easy as pie project completed in a fraction of a nap time.

Four shirts took me less than an hour and I think I could do it even quicker next time! If you haven't tried a t-shirt transfer I highly recommend it for special projects. Images could easily be transferred onto bags, aprons or hats.
OK, they may not be project runway worthy but can you say dorky family photo opp! (I am a dork and proud!)

Party Secret #3

What do you see when you see these?

I see my Dad's brilliance.

For weeks I have hunted for child size chairs and stools for two super great vintage school tables. Where have all the wooden child chairs in this world (specifically, Saskatchewan) gone? I've garage saled, checked with old schools, stalked stores and even posted adds online. 4 months=2 chairs. Not great. Time to get creative. Time to visit the problem solving expert.

On Sunday my Dad surprised Foster and I with a trip to flea market heaven. A little trick he's been saving for a rainy day and trip that was perfect for us.

I think I want to go back just to ride in the elevator again, even the building was vintage!

7 seats for $40 bucks. Great wooden boxes I can't wait to re-purpose in my studio and home after the party. Yup, these sturdy and smooth beauty's will stay as is and are the perfect height for 2 year old bottoms.

Vintage tables-check.

Vintage stools-check.

Party Secret #2

The Invites.

The paper copies arrived. I love them. Foster loves to deliver them. Even in the rain. I think he is part frog or fish or something that likes wet.

My party secret is to always make an extra copy or two or..... twenty and to use the extras as decorations.

I also plan on using one in a shadow box celebrating Foster's 2nd year and will probably pop one into a frame eventually too.

Here area few I popped up in seconds in my studio onto my "inspiration wall".Here is the big picture in my studio right now, YIKES!

Good thing I have one week to go!

Party Secret #1- a hotdog bar!

I love parties.
I can't wait to tell you all the fun I am having planning this 2nd birthday party! I'll give it to you slowly, one secret at a time until the big day.
I love hot dogs. All the time. Over an open fire are my favorite but BBQ hot dogs are a very close second.In university I was once called a wolverine because I inhaled a hot dog very very quickly. Granted it was after a very long night of dancing and it was 2 in the morning. What can I say, 2 in the morning is a very long time away from supper.
Dancing aside, I have decided to set up a hotdog bar for the birthday party. Various beef and veggie dogs are a must but I am struggling just a little with toppings.

Here is my list so far, see what you can add!
(feel free to include both kid friendly and adult toppings)
1. hot melty liquid cheese, not even the home made kind. The kind that is so good but sooo bad!
2. bacon
3. hot peppers
4. onions (sauteed or raw?-I'm not an onion person)
5. salsa
6. ketchup
7. mustard
8. relish

RSVP here!

Blogging will be on hold for a short time...we've got a party to plan!
RSVP here in the tidbits section and stay tuned for party details!
I'll reveal a few details every few days just for fun.
Check your inbox for invites, paper copies ordered are late! ugg!

broken bed

Notice anything crooked?
(hint, it is not my lack of photography skills this time!)
Look at the bottom of the crib.......

I heard a thump about half way through nap time and saw this.
Poor sleeping beauty was all crunched up in the corner trying to sit up.
The new angle gave quite the ab workout.
Once awake it was time to fix the broken wheel-the screw inside the wheel had snapped. Time to email our friends at Stokke to see if anyone else had this problem.
Time to start thinking about a new bed.....

Check out MADE to see her tutorial on how to make great sheets.
I made all but one set of the the sheets for this oval crib when I found out they were $45 for a single fitted sheet! We have puppies and kitties and cows and dots to name a few. I just traced the mattress added about 3 inches, folded and pinned. A few sewing machine fights later-done! MADE's tutorial is much better than my quick description but tracing a pattern is not all that tricky and can save a ton of money.

Babies Movie review by Betsy Sharkey

Have you heard about this movie?

"an air brushed view of babies 1st year..."

When it involves babies I need air brushed versions, just the happy stories.

We have a date night this week and it is my turn to pick the movie! Anybody know where I can find this?

mommy day update

update......even though this little boy has gifted me enough....

My dear, sweet husband also bought me this! His name is Sunny and he is from BC (thanks Uncle Derele for going all the way to get it! xox)Sunny is an 82 VW Westy Camper Van with a pop up top that sleeps 4 people. (or 8 hippies!)
More pictures to follow-I was too excited to nail even one decent shot!

Technically it is mine but handsome thinks it is his bus, just ask him! He hops in the drivers seat sends the adults to the back to "sit" and is asked proclaims we are going to:

1. Mc Donald's.
2. Pa's.
3. Booster Juice.
Our first road trip is later this month, keep posted!
Pictures might be a bit as we had to drop it off to day for new door handles and a gas gauge that works.....

mommy day

I wish I could have had a photographer follow me around today as I spent the morning with my son.
Just us, Mommy and son.
A truly beautiful day and I soaked up every hug and kiss and "Mommy" that I could squeeze into my heart.
Mommy, I think it is my favorite word.
We started the day with breakfast with Grandpa.
Hot coffee, raspberries and good conversation. Perfect.
Then we did a little thrift store browsing, Walmart snooping and crane admiring.
We also went down to help with the community garden again today but by the time we got there the workers had stopped for lunch. (no tractors='s boring dirt)
Instead we came home and rode 4 different bikes around the pool about 100 times, played catch, soccer and hockey. And then we did it ll again, 5 times, maybe 6.
Thanks goodness for lunch. We were both starving.
Peanut butter and honey on fresh ciabatta bread and two tall glasses of ice cold milk.
Then my little angel with a full tummy took 2 books off his shelf and led me to the potty. A gift in itself as any mother of an almost 2 year old would know.
After a successful trip to the potty we snuggled up on the chair in his room. I closed my eyes, he closed his eyes. The best gift I ever could have wished for was in my arms fast asleep. I smiled and cried (and willed my husband to come home so I could get him to take 1000 photos).
I didn't get any pictures of my day today but my heart is so full it doesn't even really matter.
My little boy is sleeping and when he wakes we will host a dozen people for supper tonight which I will have lots of pictures to share.
Our special day will continue but in a different way.
I am so lucky to be a Mommy-what a gift it is.

(here is a sample of my wall art in the dining room tonight- think grade 2 Kleenex with large napkins!)


I've had fabric on my mind lately.
Fresh spring fabric patterns.
Fresh spring fabric ideas!
As a gal pal and I visited one day she twisted a twirled a tiny piece scrap fabric into a beautiful flower...and quickly gave her sweet daughter the credit for the creation idea. (way to go my little artist!)
Well one good idea and a few days later and ta da!
Wouldn't this be a fun idea for Mother's Day gift or a great activity for a girls birthday party. Hey, even my gal pals would love to sit around and make a new piece of jewelry as we sip kool aide and snack on sushi! The rings are also quick enough to make you could make a few during nap times!
I think fabric flower kits might be a fresh idea.....
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think-leave your email address too and I'll have my little artist friend pick names from a hat so we can send out a kit to two lucky people.
Be Fresh!

expert advice



(I need this much playdoh for an up coming party!)

If you could call your self an expert on one topic what would it be?
What or who makes someone an expert?

Sometimes I wish I could be an expert in one thing-just one thing.

My problem is I have interests in many many things. I like them, I have fun doing them but by no means will I ever be an expert in any one area.

Some of my interests include things like photography, clay hand building, glass fusion, vintage up cycle projects, photo shop and baking. Just because they are interests does not mean I have or intend to master any specific interests. I just like to do stuff that makes me happy.

I love photography, take classes to build my skills but 10% of my photos are and most likely will always be blurry.

I can build bunnies and geese out of clay that my son plays with for hours and I can make dishes that look like 2nd grade art projects.

I can spend hours making glass jewelry and take glass fusion classes with my Dad creating memories that will stay in my heart forever but still leave a set of glass masterpieces in my kiln 30 seconds to long and end up with a puddle of melted glass mess.

I can spend hours writing run on sentences and forgetting commas on a blog that every few years I will publish into a book (using blurb of course) so when my son is grown up and moves out on his own I can look back and smile thinking about our wonderful years together.

If I could call my self an expert in just one thing, I couldn't. I wouldn't. I won't. I can't.

But that is just me. I'm not that great at any one thing.

There are many many experts out there I just will never be in their group and I am OK with that.

I just want to be a great wife, the best Mom I can be, a fine daughter my parents can be proud of, a sweet sister a reliable friend and most importantly a good person.

Three mornings a week I kiss my son goodbye as I leave him in the loving hands of his daycare provider (an angel, I'm sure about this!) and I whisper to him,

"Be kind to others today. I love you".

So even though I may not want to be an expert in anyone particular area I have words that I proudly live by.....being kind to others.

What are words you live by readers?