next door

Having dinner at my parents is one of my favorite things to do.
Great food, great company, no dishes.

Back to School Talent Night 2012

Our annual talent night was a big success!
The back to school theme was a perfect idea.
 To practice my photography skills I set up a little photo station.
I borrowed the desk from my Dad but the rest I had squirreled away in my studio :)
 Party favors we so easy to make.
I print my cards at Costco on 4x6 paper and cut them in half. Yeah! for 9 cent prints!

 Adorable families are so easy to shoot!

 And so are adorable boys!

 ...and girls!

 And rascals!
 Big Brother was a fantastic host.  He welcomed as many guests as he could and also made a good effort in thanking guests for coming.
 The talents included balloon artists, poetry, jokes, songs, dancing, trampolining-it really was a festival of talented children!
 And the audience was so well behaved!

 The potluck this year was a new idea.  I want to have a potluck every night now!  What a great way to share recipes!  I ate half a chocolate zucchini cake. Seriously, I ate half the cake.

 What? Done already!
This little guy will work on having a talent of sharing for next year, he wouldn't let anyone near his new red car....
I will wait for you until next year magical beet dip!

What a great experiecen in hosting and having fun for this little guy.  He really helped out with so many aspects of the party.  Here  he is helping me put chairs away. I have never been so proud!  What a great event!

spectator sport

 Who would have guessed that bike riding was a spectator sport for babies!
What a great way to spend an evening with my boys.
 It began with the removal of the wheels. A ceremony in itself I do think!
 A little push and off he went!

thinking about school....

School will be starting soon for Big Brother.
We love his school.
I made this poster to remind myself to offer experiences to both my boys that challenge them appropriately.  To offer experiences but to let them find their own at the same time.
Easy to say....
Parenting is hard.
Parenting is work.
(But I do love it!)

talent night 2012

good bye trainning wheels!

These pictures need no words.
I am not sure who is more proud, Teacher or Student....

lego birthday

 Lego Party?
Count us in!
 The two sweet four year olds have been buddies since prenatal yoga!
 This party had it all! Life size lego man too!
 The lego block cake didn't just look great it tasted amazing!

 Great idea! Lego paper dolls!
 And a giant tub of lego to play with!
 OK these were my favorite. Lego CANDY blocks!

Being four is great!
Happy Year sweet friend!

the best daddy ever

 We are soaking up each second of summer.
The plan was for a surprise boat ride but the surprise was the boat tour was sold out yet again.
So we turned lemons into lemonade, not hard to do with these boys!  Off to the rides!

 How lucky they are to have this hand to hold them, guide them and to pick them up when they fall.

 Will those small hands someday heal and love like the large ones do?  Is that wisdom I see in your eyes already?
 ...or just ice cream!
 And what about your hands Big Brother? 
Will they follow your Daddy's path?
Your art work amazes me each day and also reminds me of your Daddy's artistic talent.

 Sharing secrets....
 I love those smiles!

 I hope these boys know how lucky they are to have the big guy as their Daddy.

What a great summer.
What great boys.