Getting Ready for McDreamy's Valentine's Gift

This is what I got McDreamy for Valentine's day.
Her name is
is going to get me back into a bikini by this summer......that's what a personal trainer does right?

Here is the sweat sock bouquet I made McDreamy to go along with the gift of Lindsay. We have a strict no flowers rule in this house. We are both too utilitarian, besides, Yoda taught me to appreciate beauty and share it with others (this is was also the beginning and the end of my flower picking days down Guelph Crescent) a lesson I hope to pass onto the Sprout someday.
Back to Lindsay. Each evening this week McDreamy and I have been preparing for Lindsay by doing this. Yes, we are trying to train before meeting our personal trainer. But we both feel we must prepare, prepare, prepare, thank you pre-trainer Shelly in the Caribbean.

It might be a good idea to note that doing this dvd with your husband will change the way you see yoga forever. My favorite moment was during a time when Shelly expects you to hold tree pose.....several images are shown to help you meditate through the holding of the pose. NOTE: you do not need to imitate the amphibians intended to help you focus. Thanks McDreamy, I will always think of you and smile whenever I see a Gecko on a tree.

Also in preparation for Lindsay I had to stop here today.
To get this...
and this

and these.....

and this too.

Now I am ready for this.....( even though all the shopping I did today should be considered a work out as too!)

Only 3 days until we see Lindsay.
I can't wait to go straight home after wards and see if my old bikini fits!
Stay Tuned!
will McDreamy enjoy his gift?
will Sassy make it through the session?
will Lindsay be dazzled by McDreamys Gecko pose?

Dr's Orders

Sweet McDreamy leaves me twice a week to make music with a few of his buddies, boy style, loud boy style with drums, guitars, big sticks, dirt, bad words, worms and secret forts. I know he still wants to be "discovered" just so he can add rock star to his rather impressive list of credentials. Secretly, I think it makes him even sweeter.

I usually take the opportunity to catchup on school work, blog or chat on the phone but on this very rare occasion, very rare because I am a healthy germ- a-phoebe who never usually gets sick, am actually SICK! I really don't remember the last cold I had, definitely pre- Sprout. Anyway here is what McDreamy left for me before he went out to play with his little friends. I love that he actually lay out the scissors for me too. I have often pondered if the cold remedy people have deliberately made the caplet packages rip/tear with your teeth proof so sick people feel even more inferior when they can't even self medicate themselves.

#6 is the sweetest direction......McDreamy's bedside manner is like no other!

.................The Sprout is 9 Months Old Today

Nine months ago today I held my sweet little boy for the first time and instantly fell in love. Head over heels, giddy and giggly....crazy in love. In celebration of The Sprout's 9 wonderful months, here are 9 things I love about this sweet treasure I call my son.

1. I love your smiles in the morning.
2. I love your giggles and hugs..
3. I love the way you ham it up when I pull out the camera. (unfortunately you don't do this for our wonderful photographer Shelia yet!)
4. I love your wet slobbery kisses.
5. I love the way you squeak and flap when you see your Yoda.
6. I love the way you play hide and seek and always give yourself away with your excited giggles of anticipation.
7. I love the way you fall asleep in my arms after a long day of playing.
8. I love the way you greet and chew and bang on Sophie.
9. I love the way you get so excited to see your Dad and its like I don't even exist anymore when he's in the room.

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is a little sweetness from Sassy and The Sprout.
It is our special way to send a loving Valentine to you!
Sassy loves to make these buns to cheer up a friend or family member. Those of you who see us today might just get a real cinnamon bun to go along with your new top secret recipe!
Happy Valentine's!

Easy to Make Valentine Earrings

Here is a quick and easy Valentine project anyone can whip up in just a few minutes.
Start with a long metal post and put a bead or two on.
Bend the post and add another bead. Using needle nose pliers twist the end of the wire so beads do not fall off.
Attatch the earring to the bend.
Repeat for a pair of beautiful Valentine Earrings!

Happy Birthday Yoda!

Yoda is 64!
I can only hope I am as wise as he in 31 more years!
One of my favorite quotes comes from Yoda (the character) and is the way my Yoda lives each day......
"Do or do not... there is no try."

Here are a few party highlights. One of my favorites was the game we played thinking of qualities that described Yoda and then sharing them with the family. I love party games! It was a great way to take a few moments and focus on the man of the day in a positive warm way! Everybody had no problem thinking of great things to say about Yoda, even my 15 year old nephew! Doesn't he look like he is having fun, what a great sport to put up with his aunty's silly ideas!

I hope you had fun Yoda! I made/invented individual chocolate butterscotch ice cream cakes just for you! McDreamy made a point of asking me why he didn't get ice cream cakes on his birthday, next year McDreamy, I promise! Here is how I did it...

Crust - crushed fudgeo cookies and margarine. Layers of white soft serve, butterscotch syrup, chocolate sauce and pudding mixed and chocolate ice cream. Top with a monogrammed gingersnap (Yoda's favorite too!) and character of choice! Cover with cling wrap and freeze until ready to devour!

Nana's Birthday Bash

It's a Party!
Nana will be 60!
Friends and family please rsvp here under tidbits!
...will we be visiting under the Blue Moon to the tunes of Elvis?
...swooning along to All I Have To Do is Dream with the Everly Brothers?
...or maybe just Staying Alive with ABBA
This is one party to you don't want to miss!

Valentine Charm Bracelet Give Away!

Today Saucy and I hosted our Valentine Charm Bracelet was fun fun fun! This good looking bunch of creative gals created the most amazing tiny charms ever!

I love them all but a few of my favorites were the tiny Hershey Kisses by Karen and the tiny milk chocolates with cherry filling by JL. Also the .......tiny IPODS, sugar cookies, heart beads and Vintage Valentines won my heart.
Do you wear chocolate, sweets and treats well? You will be excited to know Saucy and I are hosting a Double Blog Give Away! Just leave a comment, one on each blog if you would like to double your chances! We will let you know Tuesday who wins the bracelet!
Here are a few pictures of our creativity in action!

This is my finished masterpiece!

Thanks for a great day Gals! It was wonderful to see old friends and meet a few new ones too! ( thanks for the homemade mac and cheese advice, I had just enough time to whip it up for supper and look like I slaved all day in the kitchen after our charm party!)


My McDreamy really is the best. He is a great husband, friend, and father. I am constantly surprised at how much energy and time he has for the Sprout and I after his long hard days at work. I love every second of our family time- visiting with everyone at Yoda's restaurant, Costco trips, play time, bath time.
I'm not sure how, but I seem to love the Sprout a little more everyday.......and the same goes for McDreamy.
I know The Spout gets most of my time and attention these days but every time I look at these pictures my eyes tear up and I just when I think I can't possible love you any more McDreamy........I fall in love all over again!