Happy Holiday Season!

I love this quote.
This is our Christmas card this year.
No candy canes, red stripes or snowmen smiling and dancing.
My heart wasn't in that spot this year.  I was missing my Mom.
I wanted something different.
I have many people in my live who ARE the GOOD.
My Mom was the GOOD.
She loved Christmas and this year has been harder than I thought it would be.
I tried very hard to honor her and continue her traditions, I will keep trying.
My Mom believed the world was good. 
My Mom is the GOOD.

only -15...

 Yeah to day it was only -14. A really nice day!
Ugg! Little Brother and I feel the same way about winter.
 Big Brother on the other hand loves it!

 We had a really good time building snow castles, knocking them down and re building.
 Little Bother had fun over at Pa's, nice and warm!

sleeping babies

 Every year you get the sleeping baby at Christmas time.
Little brothers turn this year...
 Big brother in red.
You all melt my heart!


 Finigan is our newest family member.
 Big brother watches him very closely...
Finigan is wonderful. Piano practice has never gone so smoothly!

gingerbread house

How can red flannel and a white shirt make you look so big.
 This year you were so excited to decorate a gingerbread house you asked everyday!
 We waited for a playmate so you two could share the fun!

 You thought about each piece and placed each candy exactly where you wanted it!
 You don't want to eat the house, just look at it!

It is magical for me to watch you create.
This was a really great to watch you have fun.
(also a great day to work on my indoor phototgraphy skills! Working on ISO because the lightinmy kitchen is terrible!  Amazing what a few tricks can do!)

Kid Friendly Christmas Treats

 We are lucky to have sweet friends who treat us with kindness all year long.
Along with our cards, theme chosen by the Star himself.....
we added a few extras this year.

 Gingerbread play doh was a gift I received a few years back from my most talented friend.  It smelled sooo good and she had the brilliant idea of including "decorations" and a cutter.  Big Brother is working on measuring and making play doh was a perfect fit for an afternoon lesson.  We made a few batches and even little brother got in on the action!
Next up is a new idea.

We always make gingerbread men on sticks around, puppets and story retelling is a great way to stay warm!
This year we just added a few more characters!
Gingerbread Man Story Prairie Style!
We have the brown bear, the porcupine, the red fox and the squirrel!
 Each kit contains the characters, icing and decorations.  All you need is the imagination!

Piano December Ideas

 November was a busy month for piano. 
 We worked hard to prepare for a concert that was just a few days ago.
To help keep our practices on track I pulled out the teacher chalk board!
Each week during practice our piano teachers asks us to focus on different things for each song.
Honeybee is new so we just work on fingering and notes.
I Love You we need to work on short note, long note, soft/short note.
Twinkle Twinkle is all about holding the note and Run Santa Run Santa is about quick and bouncy notes.  Needless to say there is much to remember.
But the reward is so great.
Piano is teaching us patience and rewarding us with new skills.
I learn so much about teaching, children, music, myself, my son, our relationship after every lesson my mind is whirling.
Piano is making me a better Mom.