spring babies...

Welcome Baby Noah... Welcome Baby Finley...

Two new buddies to play with! Yeah!!!

Our Little Sprout is 10 months old now and not the newest baby in around anymore......he has 8 teeth, crawls backwards and side ways very well, likes doing the Turkish soldier walk with Yoda(Yoda hold his hands while The Sprout moves forwards with long straight legged perfect soldier strides), sneaking ice cream with his Dad, trying to pull himself up on various objects including his Mom, playing the drums with Yoda, eating papaya, Cheerios and anything else he can feed himself.

He is a wonderful little boy full of MUMMMM MUMMMM MUMMS that melt my heart. I cherish each day. Being a Mom is really the best job in the world. I love to watch him sleep, see him smile and jump when he sees his Dad and.......

...sometimes we have baths in the sink in the middle of the day just for fun!

Dear Daddy...

McDreamy is a busy Daddy.
He is away 3 out of 5 weeks this March.
Luckily The Sprout and I tag along quite a bit. We love travelling.

Here is a letter The Spout and I put together when McDreamy went to Quebec last week.
McDreamy said he read it everyday.
(I think I fell in love with him all over again when he told me that!)

spring treat!

What a nice surprise from sweet friends at girls, glitter 'n giggles!
I adore the packaging and great idea! I would love to do this activity at an Easter party with kids.
I just love surprise treats and just might have a few of my own to deliver pretty soon.

sugar and spice and all things nice....

I know it is wrong, I have so much.....

but this little girl just cries out for a nice new home.....can you guess what I would name her?

maybe she will just happen to find me when we are in Texas and hide in my suitcase! I sure hope she finds us, I just know The Sprout would love her too, he is such a charmer with the pretty girls.
Good thing we are staying at the galleria hotel. It is attached to a huge mall called the galleria filled with shops like juicy, jack and jill, the apple store and a few others I remember quite fondly.
Let the packing begin!

Phoenix 2009

Phoenix was amazing despite a rocky start. The 6 am flight meant we had to be up at 4am to be at the airport by 5am. All went well and we even got to say an extra goodbye to my sister and the twins who were up just as early to head home to Vancover.

The rocky part wasn't the take off or landings. Let's just say that Sassy is no longer allowed hot coffee on planes when sitting beside McDreamy. Think of the worst possible scenario. Yup, that's what Sassy did. Hot coffee all over McDreamy's lap during the first 20 minutes on the first of 2 flights. The second worst part was that Sassy couldn't stop giggling about the horrible incident. Have you even had that problem of getting the giggles at the worst possible time? Good thing McDreamy looooves Sassy so much!After arriving we spent our days at the pool swimming and eating grass or at Target. The Sprout loved the grass and Sassy loves Target but that's a blog for another day.
Do you have a favorite store to visit when you travel?

The Chefs Party

The Favors.....I have great memories of being 6 years old and The Chef being able to read all the names of the sharks in his shark book. I thought he was the smartest brother in the world. I also remember, not quite so fondly, when The Chef convinced me that someone had let a baby shark free in Anglin Lake, the very lake where OUR FAMILY just happened to be spending the summer.
The favors were delicious gummy sharks in individual containers topped with a personalized cartoon. I used my circle punch to give them a custom made look and a little hot glue secured the paper to the top.

The Cake.......The Chef is not a cake kind of guy.......and...... I am not brave enough to bake for The Chef. So we had Tequila Sunrise Snow Cones! With a worm of course! I have always been a snow cone connoisseur and this is a great contraption that I'm sure we will get lots of use pool side this summer.

Don't forget the worm with that yummy tequila drink!
The Friends... it's true, the friends and family make the party. What a wonderful celebration!

Hey there single and sassy Saskatoon gals, did I mention that The Chef is single........he's quite a catch! He makes a chocolate ganache that brought several proposals from a few of my already happily married colleagues!

party time....again!

Happy Birthday to The Chef today!

(here we are showing off our holiday feast Christmas day)

Who wants to party?

Bake cupcakes for The Chef....Sassy is not brave enough for that!

Hmmmm, let's think what does The Chef like?

Warm weather, sharks and tequila.

Come back tomorrow to see a few great party ideas for that hard to plan for person!
(here is one little hint...)

Nana's Party

Here is a quick peek at the wonderful 60th Birthday we celebrated with Nana.
It was wonderful to see everyone, thank you to everyone who helped out! (Saucy your cupcakes were delish, your balloon colour choosing was perfect Chef, Yoda your easy going attitude as I hammered tacks all over your walls to hang records was amazing! The Sprout would also like to thank Yoda for playing with him and could you please search under the tables for little yellow plastic farm ducky.....if you find him we'll be back Monday to pick him up. He likes extra long bath times and to sleep under the covers. Thanks Yoda.)

party prep 101

lists, lists, lists......I am checking things off at a great pace.

Here is a sneaky peeky of one of the projects I have been working on for the party. McDreamy is such a doll he drove all over town to find me these treasures I have just drilled tiny holes into to hang from the ceiling. I think they were a steal of a deal at 5o cents each. I will use the retro album covers as decorations on the snack table as well.

Wonderful Surprise!

actually.....3 surprises!
My sister came from BC with the twins for Nana's party on Tuesday. It was a wonderful surprise for everyone. Better stock up on fries at the restaurant Yoda, those boys eat fries quicker than Spiderman can spin a web!

I have a big list of things to do in the next 3 days ...let's see swimming and supper on Sunday with the family, my 2nd midterm on Monday, the Terrific party for Nana on Tuesday and packing for our early am flight to Phoenix on Wednesday. I'd better get busy......

super hoola

Helloooo Super Hoola!
I think the Sprout thought I'd gone crazy as he watched me take a few minutes before McDreamy came home from work to try super hoola. I tried hard to wait for McDreamy but at 4:00 I just couldn't wait any longer!
After 3 minutes of hip circles I was feeling pretty good (and even a little sweaty) about my score of over 500 hula's until I came across this...
3515 spins?
This was a score from some cowboy in Germany, really, his name is cowboy and he is from Germany. You' d have to be a cowboy to get that many spins! Looks like I have some work to do tonight after the Sprout goes to bed. Maybe if I get good enough I can convince McDreamy to take me to Hawaii!

My New Trainer

Lindsay was great. She was motivating, created a work out tailored to what we can continue to do on our own and even made us sweat with a smile. Check her out if your lifestyle needs a little fitness, she's tops! McDreamy and I both agree we will see her again in the spring.

The only disappointing part of our training session was finding out that wii fit is not actually a work out by physical trainer standards. McDreamy and I have been having so much filling our evenings with hoola hooping, yoga, ski jumping and tightrope walking. Somehow we had even convinced ourselves that these activities were actually working out too. Deep down I had a feeling that hoola hooping was just too fun to be good for you but I will not miss the tight rope walking one bit.....let's just say 11 steps with birds swarming you and crowds of people watching your every move may not be a work out but it sure does make you sweat!