Cabin Move in Day!

 It is official! We are a cabin family now!
Truck driver Daddy did a great job. He even navigated that big truck around washed out highways.
Just don't ask what happened to the eaves on our house in front of the garage.
 I have tons of pictures and stories already-we have had possession for almost two weeks!
We start each day with pancakes, bacon and fruit.  Usually a canoe ride follows with some chores and playing in the forest.  There are paths on our lot filled with berries and great secret hide outs.
We roast hotdogs for lunch and feast on smores for dessert.
Boat rides and to the beach in the afternoon.  We are working on building our own beach and are just waiting approval before we order a big pile of sand.
Suppers are BBQ's are bike rides follow.  Both boys have new bikes to master. We all fall into bed with out a drop of TV and I am so happy.  Little Brother says "more lake, more lake" when we pack to leave and Big Brother is just understanding this is a place that is really ours (not just a rental cabin!).  To be honest I still can't believe it myself!
 This little guy was made to canoe.
He sits in the middle and hangs over the edge letting his sweet little fingers run through the water.
It gives Daddy a heart attack but I'm in the front of the canoe relaxing  paddling and can't see a thing.
 Our brand new canoe!
At the beach!  We have already made such nice lake friends.  With only about 50 cabin on our cove this big guy is free to ride his bike with his buddies until his legs feel like jello.  We all sleep well at the lake!
So much more to share!
My log beds come this weekend! EEEK!

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Jerri-Lea said...

Congrats on the cabin!! Absolutely we are up for a road trip!!! It looks amazing!!