building family

Before I became a Mom I believed families just happen.  Thinking back I realize my Mom just made it look easy.  My Mom made everything look easy, especially her secret recipes!
Now that I am a Mom and a Wife I realize that families are work.
Building a family is a job I love with my whole heart.  I could spend every minute of every day with my family and never get tired of it.  The time we spend at our cabin for some reason is all about family.  Just our family with a few other families mixed in every now and again.  We have made the decision for no TV at our cabin.  I love that.  We have no computer, I love that too.  We have the lake, the squirrels and the fox to watch.  This weekend we watched two fox play chase on our little deck and beach.  To me, that is way better than TV!
I never stop thinking about how I can be a better Mom/Wife for my family.  My loving/almost perfect husband makes family building time look easy too. 
I love this image and this is how I view family building.
One cast at a time.
Never sure of what you may catch.
Taking a break but never giving up hope.

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Anonymous said...

Very well said dear sister