tiny gingerbread houses

 Small enough for little fingers to cut, and assemble.  Perfect five year old baking activity!
 We baked, assembles and put together all in one day.

 Enough to share with friends!

And enough to give as gifts!

The cutter came from the US.  It was a secret mission that involved Cousin Saucy of course.  Seriously, Saucy gets things done! 
I lock mine in a safe it is so precious!
A great tradition to add to our family!
I can't wait to do these again!


Saucy said...

Ha ha yes you find what we want and I figure out how to get it smuggled!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all of you, Chantelle! I have been busy doing some Christmas sorting and I came across a couple of wonderful things your dear Mom made and I think you might like them. I will save them if you like...phone me at 931-7198 and we will have a good visit. Love to all, Aunty Mg