all about family

Ages since my last post.
Our family trip was amazing.
It was all about family.
We did so many things other than Disney.  Totally off the beaten path stuff that reminds me of our first trips to Bermuda, Thailand, Carmel, San Francisco, Waterton and Val Marie.  The before kids kinda adventure that my soul needed.  I love the magic of Disney but I need the magic of random Mexican restaurants and road stops that promise "World's Best" strawberry shortcake, orange groves with giant lemons and beaches with piles of shells and creatures to discover.
Our little family is blossoming and together we all learn a little more about ourselves, each other and the world around us everyday.  I am so happy for each day.
Blogging is taking a backseat to these boys right now. 
It's all about family.
I just had to add this article link.  Never done this. The are numbers I need to focus on but number 10 I love and it feels good to read it. People who know me ask if I sleep, being lazy is one thing I am not!  Good things come to those who work for it (see photo above for proof!).

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