Life is Wonderful

I just couldn't resist sharing this wonderful photo by Little Black Dress Photography.  Carrie was wonderful at accommodating our hectic schedules and crazy Pintrest ideas :)
Instagram has taken the place of my blogging lately.  With our family growing beautifully I love how quickly and easily I can document out family memories on Instagram.  Sorry blog. 
Life is great. Life is busy. Most importantly life is exactly what we choose it to be.  I am thankful for each person and experience that enters my life.  Lessons to learn come with each new day and each day I focus on being the best Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister and Friend I can. 
"Live your life like a book you would want your children to read."

Once Upon A Time

What if I read to you a story,
Starting; "Once Upon A Time",
And you realized that it was your life,
Spelt out on every line,
Would you hear my voice with wonder,
As it brushed across each word,
And pray my arms had strength to hold,
The truth about your world,
Would your view on life be different,
And would it shock you most to find,
That the things you thought defined you,
Could be summed up in just two lines,
And all the ones you took for granted,
The ins and outs of every day,
Play a bigger part in who you are,
Than you'd ever dared to say,
Would you wonder at the pages left,
And all the places that they'll lead,
Then vow to make each moment,
One that you'd be proud to read,
Because there is a story of your life,
But it's you that holds the pen,
And I hope you fill the pages right,
Before you reach the end.


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