baby sheets

Here is my tutorial on baby sheets.
I am not a seamstress by any means but if I can sew a straight line anyone can! Here is how I made 7 sets of sheets for our baby crib for the price of ONE set of sheets at the store. (Never mind the fact that there is not actually a store in town that carries oval sheets and I have to order them from the Alberta! Yeah, shipping is on top of that too!)
Anyway, these sheets are way cuter and only took a few hours to sew up. Shopping for fabric is fun and I hit a half off sale so splurged on a few extra meters.
Buy super cute flannel.
Trace mattress.
Thread elastic.
Put on bed and admire your work!
I trace the mattress using a washable marker, my mattress is 2 inches high so I made a 3-4 inch wide pattern. Then sew.

My favorite new part is threading the elastic. I actually had 7 sheets sewn and procrastinated the elastic threading because it was so time consuming using the old safety pin method. One afternoon I had a brainwave of an idea to drill a hole through a dowel to thread the elastic through. It worked perfectly! It took less than a minute to thread each sheet compared to about 10 minutes the old fashioned way.

You may notice I have sewn a flower on the nice side of the sheet. This is my own invention after struggling to put on the sheets for a whole year. It really helps when you have a lack of sleep and brain cells in your favor. I sew on flower out of scraps and sew it onto the top of each sheets to I know where to start when I change the sheets.

I did make a few sets in girl colours just in case.......


Jerri-Lea said...

The princesses here are sure that a baby girl will be sleeping in that crib in the next few months!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be hinting at something, are you just trying to copy your sister.