Oddly enough the last time I remember picking flooring and paint colours was about 3months before baby #1 was due. That time it was for my studio reno. I love the wood in this old-ish house. I got out voted. I tried many times to keep the casings, doors any panelling. No luck. White will be coming. This is the entrance to the downstairs. Hopefully we'll see it with a nifty "in the wall" area to make good use of space hang a few coats on hooks.

We have a very strict budget and the sink will not be moved but a new pedestal and flat mirror will help ease the tight feel. The rest of the bathroom has so much more room, a spa bench beside the tub and fresh white towels will be on order. Thrift stores look out, I need a few very important items.

This time the reno is a few houses away, thank goodness, at a rental we have just down the street. Being so close to a university is a great place for a rental, I only wish I could have lived a ten minute walk from campus I could have spent much more time focused on cute boys, er, I mean my studies!The kitchen is a great size with tons of light, huge windows for a downstairs suite. I really wanted to make use of the space and our amazing contractor worked so hard to help us with a great solution. Here are the before shots, the rest will follow in a month or two. We got rid of a silly closet and will cover over an inefficient crawl space. It is starting to take shape.

Back to work!


the treat girl said...

What a project!!!!!! Best of luck staying on your strict budget!!

Katrina said...

There is something so magical about all the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Good luck and happy tearing down and building up.