It was perfect. My whole day. I feel so complete being a Mom. Being a Mom is such a gift.
I was lucky enough to enjoy my family over for brunch. Waffle bar was new to us
and I would totally do it again! Turkey bacon was a huge hit too-thanks Krista!

After brunch I enjoyed a nap with this sweet little boy-we fell asleep on the couch watching Peter Pan. We cuddled. I loved every second.

I felt amazing when I woke up-and starving so we headed to our favorite local Thai/Vietnamese restaurant for dinner.

We played at the park on the way home and the 3 of us shared an eat more. Crazy, I know.

Once home it was riding bikes and trikes around the block, soccer in the front yard and inside for a little milk and watermelon before bath.

Perfect day.

Just over a month until I am gifted again........

Bags are getting packed.....

Baby sheets freshly made, washed and sniffed.

One stack of blue and one stack of pink "take-home" clothes
ready to go!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have joined the ranks we will have to learn how to play.

Love Twinny

Jerri-Lea said...

We really are given an amazing gift!! You look incredible!!

the treat girl said...

Happy Mother's Day to you dear Saucy!!! I have a little treat I'd love to send you....just a little something for your new "gift" :) ..if you'd email me your address I can pop it in the mail to you. My address is Thanks!