Last Pike Lake Picture

My Little Boy

You are 3 today.

It is hard for me believe I ever existed with out you.

I watch you play, discover and even sleep with awe. You have a love so forgiving, a passion that is untamed and a smile so pure it humbles me to be near you some days.

I am thankful each day for your health.

I am thankful each day for you. Just you.

You can count to 10.

You demand to wear your spider man PJ's EVERY night.

Your best friend is Pa.

You are kind to all animals,and just last week saved a worm from the sidewalk by picking him up and putting him onto the grass.

You ride a trike and a strider with ease and confidence.

You love ramps.

You love our park.

You can swing and are working on legs out legs in legs out legs in.

You ask me to sing "Canada" meaning O Canada every time you see a Canadian flag.

You love the song BINGO.

You can use scissors to cut but are not a fan of colouring at all.

You ask me once a day who my boys are. (you and Daddy of course)

You most frequently tell me you want to be a DR like Daddy but sometimes you say you want to be a boy teacher or a worker.

When Daddy is away on work trips and calls the first thing you say is "Where are you Daddy? I miss you!" (and it ALWAYS makes me cry)

After I had a French pedi-cure you asked me why I had icing on my toes.

You love peas.

You love gardens with food.

You sleep with puppy, bunny, mickey and usually a truck or two.

You are up at 5:30 am every morning.

You love Diego shows on TV.

You eat at least one apple a day and have for at least a year. Your favorite part being the seeds.

You love showers.

You passed swimming lessons, you were a sea turtle, your teacher was Brittany.

You have also started soccer.

Pre-school will begin in the Fall and I miss you already.

You hang up your bunny hug all by yourself.

You proudly pull up your own gotch.

You take off shoes easily but prefer is someone else puts them on for you.

You drink a minimum of 2 L of milk a day. You tell people you like milk and water but secretly I know you love treats of juice and tea too.

Your Dad is your hero.

Your Pa is your best playmate.

Mom's is just around to make food, get milk and find missing stuff. (and she is perfectly OK with that!)

You are kind, gentle and loving. You are bossy, headstrong and have crazy amounts of energy.

You are 3.

You are so loved.


Jerri-Lea said...

Happy Birthday Sprout!! I know that you love your Mommy so much!! She has helped you become the wonderful little person that you are! You are going to make a fantastic big brother!!

Anonymous said...

One of your best posts ever, Sweetie! I love you and Foster so much.