talent night

Hi Local Pals!

OOo! I can't wait for this years show!

Don't forget to sign up for the potluck in the comments!


sassy said...

We have the sliders and hotdogs covered!

Anonymous said...

Can Hardly wait! I will bring the cupcakes and Fruit/candy kabobs.

Treena, Laine & Farryn

Jerri-Lea said...

We will be there at supper time (have to wait for Moto Moto to get off work.)
The princesses want me to bring pasta salad.
Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

We would love to come! Although we don't have a family talent, but would love to watch others. What do you still need to be brought as far as the potluck goes? Laura, Trevor and Scotty

Anonymous said...

We will be there for sure! The kids are counting the sleeps. I will bring baked brie and brushetta. See you on Tuesday
Chris, Des, Berkly and Atlee

Anonymous said...

The kids and I will be there and I will bring ham ball and crackers. If Jaret can make it, it will only be briefly before we have to take off for Jake's hockey game. We will probably have to leave just as the talen show starts (boo hoo!) Krista and Calder are coming and they are bringing kids sandwiches and juice boxes. See you Tuesday.