Mama Orpan Marinara

This is one of those recipes that when you can't find it you panic. A great reason to tape it to your cupboard door. You know the place, the place you reserve for only the very best and special recipes. This recipe was passed down to me from Mama Orpan herself. Mama Orpan is a wonderful woman I had the luck to work with when teaching. She shared everything from recipes to speech therapy games and many words that helped heal worrisome hearts. She could even give a new Mom the kind of pat on the back that would help her through many sleepless nights without even realizing it. When she shared this recipe she told me her children loved it and couldn't bare to eat the store bought marinara anymore, what a nice thought. Sure enough the first time I made it for my boyfriend, now, husband (who proudly boasts that one of the reasons he married me is because of my cooking!) this recipe was a huge hit. Big brother had it just as soon as spaghetti was allowed to touch his lips-even though he called it paint for a year or two. And now as i smell the marinara simmering on the stove I think about little brother and his first taste of the rich goodness of this homemade marinara. What can I say, Thank You Mama Orpan!

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