what we are into this September!

Cousin Saucy always lets us know her cool finds and what great adventures she is tackling each season. Here are a few things we are having fun experimenting with this September!

MMMM...Macaroons. Homemade coconut macaroons. Need I say more. I will post a fav recipe and cute presentation idea later on this month. Backpack for school! Big Brothers first day is next week!
Cake balls! I am always looking for a reason to bake these yummy balls!

Cute bags. My fabric stash is bursting so I am ready to make a bunch just to declutter!

My new employer!

Lego men. We love our legomen. We make Lego ladies too. Yes, they have pony tail hair for Lego now, so cool.

I cannot live without this. The tint is perfect and the ginger is both refreshing and yummy. The ginger really helped me when I was prego.

Get your mousse ready! My big brother the hair care expert set me up with this super tool after my hairdresser told me to toss my old school hot rollers and join 2011. Best part-no clip marks! I have never mastered the actual curling iron and thanks to PM I will never have to now!

What about you, what are you into.....

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the treat girl said...

ok...DON'T forget to post the macaroom recipe...I'm sitting over here holding my breath waiting for it! And while I'm waiting for the recipe, I'm in my craft room making cute bags with my scraps too!!!!!!!! WHAT a wonderful idea! I've been into knitting socks, Orbit sweet mint gum, and making pepperoni rolls!! Happy September Sassy :)