8 months

You are 8 Months Old!

You weigh 23 lbs. Yup, that is big.

You have 4 teeth and Mommy gets the odd little nibble on her shoulder.

You are very confident in the food you do not like. You quietly keep your lips closed, turn your head slightly and stand your ground until what you like comes your way.

New meals you like include, roast beef and potatoes, chicken rice peach and banana chunks. Kiwi is a no go and so is corn-but you like a corn cob just fine.

You chew on a bone with delight and if watermelon is in the house you are happy all day chewing on a rind (under very close supervision!)

You make strange with a few people (sorry Uncle Derele) but usually if some smile sat you they get a great big grin right back.

You are up at 10:30 and sometimes go right through until 5:30. You were a tiny bit stuffy this week and needed extra snuggles at 1:30 and 3:30 we will remind you (by not going it not get you...) that a little more sleep makes us all happier.

You LOVE your toys. Balls, rattles, Spiderman and music anything. You sit so happily with your box of toys pulling each one out for a play before moving onto the next.

You love watching your big brother do anything.

If he eats a banana you want one.

If he drinks for a glass you want one.

If he is playing Spiderman you need one too.

I see a wonderful pattern and I love it.

We have started baby sign language this month. We will work on eat, milk, more and all done.

Your smiles continue to melt my heart.

You jump out of my arms when you see your Dad come in from work and give kisses (wet and sloppy sweetness) that every one loves.

You are sweet and kind and we are so lucky to have you.

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