birthday count down

Today marked the first day I have ever heard someone ask me if it was his Birthday over 100 times :)
I loved it. 
He knows a special day is coming and I couldn't be happier.

To save my sanity and have a little fun I thought a Birthday count down would be fun.
I needed one container for each day until his birthday-I saved these tins from the recycle bin and used a large scrap of super hero fabric cut into 7 by 7 inch squares.  I popped a treat into each tin, good thing I stocked up on lego men when there was free shipping!  Spiderman socks, bubble gum and other treats like "lunch at Mc Donalds with Aiden",  "an hour of play time with Pa" and "going to see the dinosaur bones with Mommy" filled up 17 jars pretty quickly.  Lastly I secured on the fabric with a hair elastic and hot glued a number on each tin.
Birthday count complete!

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Jerri-Lea said...

Too cute! We have a long way to countdown for our trip but I think something must be in order!!
(Is the fabric a hint to the party theme or is it still you-know-what that we talked about you-know-when?!)