super hero party (part 1) the training

Super Hero Training.... enter here!
 Cookies and capes were ready at the best gymnastics place in town!
I bluffed the cape pattern with a special no tie fasten loop for around the neck.  I like it because the super heroes can easily put them on and take them off.  I made 20 and it only took me a few nights. I cut out the capes one night, pinned another night and sewed them up over two more nights.  I have a cheap Wal-mart machine that I really need to upgrade.  It needed to be serviced twice......luckily the service was free and my machine got a little extra TLC.  Turns out my wonderful husband fixed my sewing machine fixer. 
The cookies, they were super fun to make and easy too! Sorry Williams Sonoma,  your super hero cookie cutters were not worth the big pink dollar bill I had to part with or the head aches.  I used an Easter egg shaped cookie cutter that I picked up at Superstore a few years ago for a loonie.  The eyes were leaf shaped cookie cutters made with fondant.  Seriously easy and fun to make!
 Big Brothers birthday....what a great day. 
 16 little super heroes all perfectly behaved
 in serious super hero training!
We had the best superhero trainers in the world!

 The Super heros ran and ran.....
 ...and played...
 ...and jumped...
 stopped quickly to eat a cupcake

 Grab a treat bag.....
 And then back to training!
 A magical day! (and this was just the training!)


J said...

Love it ALL! BAM, Your cookies are amazing! And your capes.... WOWZA! POW! What a party!!

Jerri-lea said...

Whoops, that was me :)