Super Hero 4th birthday part 2!

Here are some more of the party pics.
Looking back at the pictures reminds me of how fun it was and what great sports all the kids and parents were even though it rained.

 The pinata~ I couldn't decide how to do the black webs-it hit me at 11pm the night before.  I used a giant permanent marker, it took me 30 seconds.  Too bad it took me 2 weeks to figure out!
Note: shorter stick for next year....

 Radio active spider cookies!
 Make a spider at the craft table.
I also had red and blue beads for making necklaces.  So fun!
 brrr outside - inside the water was warm
 My little spider-dude!

 I had to post my new coffee maker- $3 at a garage sale and it works great!  I love having a hot beverage to drink!
Thank you cards are done. Now it is time to start planning next year! (ha! Joking!)

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